10 days and three 5Ks. The family that the runs together…


The family that runs together… spends a lot of money on shoes (and entry fees)!  Am I right??  Oh yes. Today is the last of 10 glorious days off work for me.  I’ve enjoyed the time off work, but I didn’t get through nearly as many things on my To Do list as I thought I … [Read more…]

Churchill’s 50th Half Marathon 2017


I’ve got a new shirt color for my running clothes rainbow… purple!  I’m liking this shirt, it fits really good.  Also love the medals this year too.  On the back is the Toledo Roadrunners logo.  Walt Churchill himself even handed me the medal when I crossed the finish.  But lets not get ahead of ourselves… … [Read more…]

TRRC Fall Officer’s Bash, and that stupid thing I did

Tuesday night was the Toledo Roadrunners Club Fall Officer’s Bash.  Long name, short race!  It’s actually just a 5K “fun run” that my family has participated in for several years now.  Following the run is dinner, drinks and a super short club meeting.  As a member family, we get all of that for just $5!  … [Read more…]