Double day of racing – Great Black Swamp & Shamrockin Shuffle

On Saturday I had not one day, but two days of races scheduled!  The morning race was a 15K.  It’s the Great Black Swamp race.  I gotta say – this race actually went better than expected. I really had very little interest in running on race morning. It has snowed on Friday, and when I … [Read more…]

Glass City Bling!


Have you seen the beautiful medals for the Glass City races?  If not, here’s a peek!  The mugs are given to finishers.  I have a pretty nice collection of those at my house!!  The Teddy Bear is for the Findley Davies Kids Marathon. Here’s a few up close shots… full marathon medal.  Look at the … [Read more…]

Weekend running – long, packed and under-calculated.

Under-calculated? Is that a word? Just stay with me for a minute. Those three words described my three days of weekend running. Friday – [Long] As I searched for motivation to get out in the cold for my weekly long run, I got motivation handed to me in the form of spousal support! Actually my … [Read more…]

Donut Dash Crazy 8 Challenge!

2017-01-08 09.01.31

Today was the Crazy Eight Challenge at the Donut Dash race at Second Sole (a local running shop).  Unlike last year, the weather was pretty decent.  8 degrees and “feels like” -1!  Yes, that is an improvement over last year.  Last year it was wicked cold AND sleeting/snowing, and super windy.  We got a break … [Read more…]