Living the nomadic life

I got an easy 8 miles on the treadmill this morning, finishing up the finales of both The Bachelor and Celebrity Apprentice.  What the heck am I going to watch now??  Ah, don’t worry, I’ve got lots to keep me entertained in the morning.  And, some day soon I might actually get outside before work … [Read more…]

Intervals and my coffee

I stayed up a little too late last night watching King of the Nerds with my hubby, but it was so nice.  With all of our marathon training taking up the days/nights, it’s great just to reconnect over a beer and some downtime.  But luckily my late night (and that beer!) didn’t stop my this … [Read more…]

My day, the brief version…

Woke up early.  Ran those hills.  They tend to be a bit easier when I haven’t run 12 miles first!! Started moving network equipment at work.  Lots and lots of wires to plug and replug! Went to the gym.  Did some weights as planned.  YEAH me!! Got back to work.  Spent the afternoon relocating 8 … [Read more…]