Loving the strides

Our routine is getting to be, well, pretty routine!  It starts with some chilly weather.  And then a 2 hour school delay.  And eventually, another school cancellation!  Those lucky kids.  A few years ago we had such mild winters and now we’re getting hammered.  Good to be a kid.  Definitely making some good memories of … [Read more…]

Digging those paczkis

It’s pretty darn chilly around here again this morning.  Not sure why this weather photo has a clear road with green fields, because it is a winter wonderland around here!  But no worries, hitting the treadmill is my thing.  5 easy miles done this morning.  My foot is still feeling odd, but not a ton … [Read more…]

BoYo adventures

I woke up as a non-cranky person today  My foot was feeling a bit improved and I decided to give it another try!  I was excited because I had 8 miles with 5 x 800 m (1/2 mile) @ 5K pace with 1/2 mile rests in between.  Taking advice from several people I decided to … [Read more…]

Taking time off

I woke up bummed this morning.  My foot *still* hurts.  Even with my rest day on Saturday, it’s been a week and my foot still was sore.  So with much debate, I decided it was time for an unscheduled rest day.  I’m not kidding.  My decision brought on big crocodile tears when I made the … [Read more…]