How to get the equipment you want

Rest day for me today.  No running, but I figured I should get some cross training in.  When I went to the gym it was snowing.  But it was really loud.  Looked like tiny little balls of ice!  Luckily that was short lived and I was able to make it from my car to the … [Read more…]

Stop… it’s Hammer Time!

Yep, hitting the hills again on my treadmill this morning for my workout.  It was as good workout, but definitely challenging.  When I came upstairs my husband asked if I got his joke.  “Well, I saw the picture, but I didn’t understand the mallets.” Oh, it’s Hammer Time!  Ok, I get it now   Glad … [Read more…]

Not going to get me Monday

Monday.  It used to be the BEST day of the week because it was my day off.  Now, it’s just another work day for me.  I woke up a little cranky today.  My foot was still hurting.  I winced with every step I took downstairs to the treadmill this morning.  But I was not deterred.  I … [Read more…]

Gone too soon Sunday

Well dang it, don’t you hate when you add up your actual mileage for the week and it is so close to a “big number” and you didn’t realize it?  When I logged my runs in my RunningAhead log, the total for the week was 59.4.  That’s a lot of miles for me… but also, … [Read more…]