What did you say Mom?

I was trying to do some stretches this morning on the treadmill, but the soles of my Newtons don’t really work quite so well on this move!  Just an easy 5 miles on the schedule today – but wow, my legs were sore from yesterday’s run!  Whenever I run outside I find that I typically … [Read more…]

Running with coyotes!

We were all going to run a free club run, the Donut Dash, this morning.  But, due to our late night of partying, the bed magnet won at our house and we all slept in… until 8:30.  That seemed really late.  They we ate a bunch of pancakes.  A very nice thing to do on … [Read more…]

Party night!

First of all, explain this. Why does my firewall at home all of a sudden block my favorite site for celebrity gossip?? I certainly need to speak to my network admin about this! Hmmmpf. I forgot to share this delicious movie watching treat I had last night. The best! On our last trip up north … [Read more…]