Super ski day

We had a great day of skiing today. The weather was perfect – not too cold, and not too warm. It was so nice out we skied until last call at 4:30. More details later when I’m not posting from my iPhone!

Friday looooong run

For some reason my days of the week are all messed up this week.  On Wednesday I kept thinking it was Friday.  I just noticed that I incorrectly titled my post “Wordy Friday”, when it was actually written on Thursday!  To clarify, TODAY is actually Friday.  Thus, Fridays are my long run day.  Today’s run … [Read more…]

Wordy Friday

Here’s my joke of the day… What’s the difference between hardware and software? Software is what you curse, hardware is what you kick. The workout this morning was 6 miles GA (general aerobic, or just “a normal run”).  But, since I had to cut that hill run short the other morning, I added another mile … [Read more…]

Winter wonderland!

I started my day a little cranky, with a lot on my mind.  Opening an email with the charges for my physical therapy appointments didn’t help it any.  I’d like to know why charges for the physical therapist are always a great mystery and they can’t seem to tell you how much it’s going to … [Read more…]