Mexico vacation – Xel Ha

Welcome back again for more of our Mexico vacation.  I think I have one more post after this one.  I had to write a whole post about Xel Ha because it’s such a fun place to go.  Xel Ha is an ecological park in Mexico – part flora/fauna and part active fun!   Alan and … [Read more…]

Mexico – under the sea!


I may have told you last year that I’m not a very “confident” scuba diver.  Last year I was actually a bit nervous about diving because I hadn’t been diving in 14 years!  After a bit of a nervous start last year the dive went well – but this year I’m happy to say I … [Read more…]

Mexico – cliff jumping, spa treatments, and running

Thanks for stopping back to my Mexico vacation recap.  We did a lot of things on our 10 day vacation, so I’ve still got lots to show you!  Across the street from our hotel (Barcelo) is several cenotes.  Cenotes are a natural pit or sinkhole that contain fresh water (not salt water), aka Mexican Swimming … [Read more…]

Mexico – all the animals

Sea turtle

One of the things my family loves to do is explore.  We love to find different animals that live in the places we visit.  On our recent trip to Mexico we took a lot of walks around the resort.  Heck, the resort was almost a mile from one end of the beach to another!  There … [Read more…]