Training Tues – GCM half recap, 2/6/18


Glass City half marathon training is underway now.  I give this week of training a solid “thumbs up”. Miles run: 17.5 miles Monday – 30 min XT, walking on TM! Tuesday – 8 miles, Long Run 9:52 pace TM  –  I switched up my long run to Tues this week because of Track night on Thurs.  This … [Read more…]

Dec Daily and a roast

I’m so happy to announce, I got my December Daily book completed – and it record time (for me)!  I just finished up my 2017 December Daily book, which is a scrapbook of all of the days of the holiday season.  Technically my book always includes a few days at the end of November (Thanksgiving, … [Read more…]

Training Tuesday – GCM half, 1/30/18

Glass City half marathon training started this week!  Kinda!  I basically picked out my plan (Hal Higdon HM3).  Then I sat down and figured out “when I felt like” doing my long runs, which turned out to be Thursday, because that’s a day off work for me.  Then I shifted all of the days in … [Read more…]