And here’s more Boston stuff!….

A few more thoughts and pictures of Boston while it’s fresh in my mind… One of the really cool things is a tent that is set up by some neighbors on the route to the marathon start line.  They have a tent with everything a runner could need.  And I mean everything.  Body Glide, band … [Read more…]

Boston Marathon Recap

I’ll apologize in advance for the super long post.  I was trying to pick out pictures for this recap and it was hard to just pick out a few.  So, I’ll take you through the whole race in a photographic journey!  Since we had a late start time (10:50 am), we woke up around 6am … [Read more…]

I did it!!!

Super quick recap on the Boston marathon… It was super challenging! I was a little slower than I anticipated, but for my first Boston, and less than ideal weather conditions, I am super proud of my accomplishment!! Gotta rest now, more details soon!

Boston, day 2!

Day 2 in Boston involved some sight seeing.  We were going to go for a short run along the river this morning, but my feet were tired this morning so we just decided to sleep in instead.  We were pretty lazy – didn’t get around to breakfast until after 10:30.  I decided to treat myself … [Read more…]