Bring on the treats!!

School is almost over!  This upcoming week is a jam packed week with school stuff, and me having to bake stuff for said school stuff!  I love to cook, eat, and make treats, but cooking and baking for other people gives me the heebie jeebies!  I get performance anxiety because, well, perhaps you’ve seen my … [Read more…]

An exhausting day!

My day was completely exhausting!  It’s not over yet as I’m trying to provide moral support for my husband who got stuck with the job of clearing out a clog in the kitchen sink, well, because he’s the husband and that’s what husbands do.  I haven’t helped much, but when he needs something I’m trying … [Read more…]

Catching the game

We interrupt your busy week for a few hours of good old fashion entertainment!  Go Mud Hens!! We were lucky enough to get some free tickets to the local baseball team tonight.  My coworker knows I am always very appreciative of free activities, so he always scores me a few tickets every year. The seats … [Read more…]