Things that go squish in the night

Last night as I was getting ready for bed I had a great multitasking idea… I could do some PT exercises while I brush my teeth.  I could get a few monster walks done while my 2 minutes counted down on my electric toothbrush (love that thing!).  I like to think I can accomplish many a … [Read more…]

Love notes from my lovey

I’m going to cut right to the chase tonight…  this was the highlight of my day.  While I was cuddled up in my blanket, being a sick slug and trying to get that yearbook finished, my son said he had something for me.  And he asked me to close my eyes, and he put this … [Read more…]

Busting a move – 4 weeks to go!

I dragged myself out of bed this morning.  I was already groggy from my daughter crawling in our bed at 4:51am, and I was thinking my alarm was going off at 5:10.  Ah ha!  Then I remembered today I got to “sleep in” and the alarm was set for 5:30.  Slight snooze more.  I didn’t … [Read more…]

That familiar feeling

I know when it’s coming.  It starts out as that little ominous tickle, itch, or pain in the roof of my mouth.  I know it will turn into a cold.  It started on Friday morning.  I was a little concerned for my long run, but it was fine.  Saturday morning, my throat was as little … [Read more…]