Final training week

“Training” week feels like a stretch, because it’s just a few random miles here and there.  TAPER time! My schedule this week is… Mon: Rest Tues: 7 miles – dress rehersal, 2 miles at race pace (need to try out my race outfit) Weds: Rest Thurs: 5 easy miles Fri: 4 easy miles Sat: Rest! … [Read more…]

My secret and a confession

Let’s start with the secret – getting good deals on shoes by buying shoes on eBay!  You might think – “what, buying someone else’s shoes on eBay?”  It’s not always like that.  There are a lot of people selling shoes that did not work for them.  Think about it – finding your perfect running shoe … [Read more…]

Friday Favorites and the forum t-shirt

We have made it to the weekend folks!!  Well some of us got there a day early (me!), but for all of you getting into it tonight, welcome to the party! Today was my last “mid long” run.  I certainly can’t call 12 miles a “long” run, but it’s the farthest I’m going before Boston … [Read more…]

My Boston “to-do still” list

So I got the first part of my Boston to-do done…. Train really really hard Qualify! (Erie Marathon) Train a lot more.  Run some hills. There were a few other steps after that… Book a flight (technically I did this in July before I even qualified, but I was hopeful it would all work out … [Read more…]