22 done!

I did it!  I did it!  When I was out for my run today I thought “hey, I might as well just an extra 2 miles and get that 22 miler out of the way.”  Do you ever have a run like that?  Usually that attitude would be caused by a super easy run feeling, … [Read more…]

Thursday, so glad to see you!!

Oh my.  What a %##^&* busy week it’s been.  When I haven’t been posting, I’ve been reading emails that something (a computer) has been trying to hack into my WordPress account for a good 48 hours or so.  Really?  Is that necessary? Today’s workout:  I dug through the stack of workouts in the basement to … [Read more…]

Ice age and a weekly recap

Something really cool (pun intended!) is happening around here!  All of that winter weather is breaking up literally in front of our eyes and it being washed away.  The river near our house was covered with ice and broke apart this weekend.  There was so much ice and movement that the ice was pushed from … [Read more…]

“Hills” in my hood

Did you see that?  It’s me powering up a hill.  Yep, that’s what qualifies for “hills” around my neighborhood!  It’s probably a “mid sized” hill though.  The “big hill” is actually an over pass that’s on my route too. I was all over the board with my Sunday workout.  First, I thought it was 8 … [Read more…]