The cookie incident, and a lot of “stuff”

Showing off the bling!  2nd place and 5th place ribbons I’ve got a confession… I can’t make cookies.  I mean, those “easy” kind that they make commercials about showing a mom and her kids bonding over a big batch of chocolate chip cookies.  I can make Christmas cutout cookies, and cookies that are shaped into … [Read more…]

Track & Field day

While I’m still mourning gum chewing, Raisin Bran Crunch, milk, any cold liquids, running, exercise of any type and MUCH MUCH more, I’ll tell you about someone who actually is running… it’s my daughter! Today was Track and Field day at her school.  She was signed up for several events – discus throw, 1600 m … [Read more…]

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Best quote of my day (life)…  from Zachary my son – “I gotta tell you Dad, if you hadn’t married Mom, I probably would have.” Awwwww, way to melt a Mommy’s heart  I hope all of you had a great Mother’s Day – whether it was being with/thinking of your Mom or being honored as … [Read more…]

Mother’s Day brunch

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!  We went to visit my Mom, and take her some flowers,  and also decided to bring brunch along.  We ate most of everything before I remembered to take a picture, but I did catch one piece of quiche.  The cinnamon streusel muffins were gone way too fast for photos. While at … [Read more…]