Today is a rest day from running.  It’s Christmas Eve!  I had my first appointment with the physical therapist for my knee.  I feel like such a whiner talking about my knee, when there is hardly any pain.  I just have this lurking feeling that if I don’t address it, something terrible will happen.

The PT asked me all sorts of questions, measured, and prodded at me.  Then she came up with a theory and had me do some exercises.

She thought one of the smaller muscles that pulls my kneecap one direction was too weak, and the other muscles was pulling it the other direction.  So, she taped my knee to help the weak muscle out while it gets stronger.  I’m not sure exactly how long this plan will take, but I do have 3 more appointments scheduled in the next 2 weeks!

The tape was so stinking tight on my knee when she first put it on, it was painful to move!  The tape is so strong that it will stay there for a week.  Luckily it really did stretch out some, just like she said it would.

Instead of running I decided to try a workout I had heard about on my Another Mother Runner podcast.  It is the Core H routine.  Oh my.  That was hard.  I barely even made half of the moves.  Oh well.  It’s a start!

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