Last night when I went to bed I told DH that if I wake up early, I’ll run on the treadmill at the hotel. Even though I was half joking, when I get that idea planted in my mind, it usually comes true! Sure enough I woke up at 6:30, which gave me an hour until the family was going to get up.  I snuck around quietly in our hotel room getting my gear together.  I had the most exciting discovery… the graphics on my new workout shirt were glow in the dark!  Pretty ironic, I doubt I would have ever discovered that in my normal workout environment.



I ran 5 miles on the treadmill and watched an interesting show called “hip hip & love Hollywood”. Interesting because I couldn’t figure out where the complimentary earbuds plugged in and I had to watch the show with closed captioning. It was a lot of “bleep”s. Oh my!

We spent the rest of the day skiing and enjoying our time together. The snow was good at Nubs Nob, but it sure was colder than I expected!
We skied until 3pm, then made our 5 hour journey back home.



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