Well the weatherman certainly wasn’t wrong about our weather today!  It was a cold one for sure!!  The kids get the day to play at home.  Lucky them!!


I got 8 miles knocked out on the treadmill this morning.  I took advantage of the lack of “getting kids ready for school” duties and slept in a little.  Then I was late for work.  Go figure!  I need to get better at being realistic on my time…

With this beautiful crisp sunrise, it’s time to look back at my running in 2014.


I spent countless hours on the treadmill training last winter.  It was brutal outside.  But once a week I endured the weather, just to keep tough!!  Digging the frosty brows.

jan run snow training

2014 started out with a bit of a disappointment as I failed at another BQ attempt in April, at the Glass City Marathon.  But yeah for our buddy Dave, he qualified.  I needed sub 3:55, and got 3:56:02 (9:00 pace).  ugggh.  Seriously, all of those weeks of training and to miss it by 1:02.  Big time disappointment 🙁

glass city

But things turned around in May, at the Dart Frog Dash 5K.  I got a new PR, and finally got a sub 25:00!!  My time was 24:57 (8:01 pace).  Not only that – I placed 2nd in my age group.  Woohoo! I finally got one of those cool awards.  PS, what an ugly picture of me.  Must burn that hoodie.

dart frog

Summer was spent marathon training again.  In May I had committed to giving it another try and Alan and I signed up for the Erie Marathon in September.


July brought some good times too… the family all ran an 8K race at night, in the July heat and we all did awesome.  I think the rest of the family all placed in their age group, and I had a respectable time of 40:11 (8:05 pace).

oh mich 8k

September came along, and I kicked some butt at Erie and finally qualified!!  Thanks to my dear hubby for being my coach and pacing me.  It meant the world to me to have him do that for me  xoxo  3:53:27 baby!!  8:54 pace.



I was kicking some more butt when October rolled around.  I ran the Columbus Half and got another PR.  That race went so well, I think the only thing I could have done better was run a little faster!  I felt strong and was surprised at the paces I was running, because I didn’t even really have a goal for this race.   It was a great day.  1:48:20, pace 8:16.  Banging that PR gong!

columbus pr

And then, to end out October, I went for a run on a beautiful fall day, and kneeled on my knee too hard afterwards, and had this stupid sore knee ever since.   But today I am feeling confident that it is improving and hopefully won’t be around long.

So that’s how 2014 played out.  Looking forward to a successful 2015, and BOSTON!!

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