Let me start out with… OMG, the Boston Marathon is sending an email to ME!!  It did give me chills… especially when I looked at that picture of *all* of those runners at mile 26.  My only thought, “oh God, I hope I don’t trip!!”.  But as I read further, I start to get VERY concerned about their discussion on the hills of the course.  My poor legs will never run again after Boston!  Time to get some serious strength training / hill work on my training plan.  And how about that new countdown I just put on my blog?  I’m appreciative for the day countdown, but the seconds clicking off is getting me super nervous!!
boston email
But, I digress.  The real reason I am here today is to ramble on about my rest day.  Oh man, I was pretty darn sore last night from my speedwork yesterday and hitting the gym.  It was that soreness that I am very aware of as I lay in bed trying to sleep.  And this morning, still a bit sore.  But hey, that’s what my rest day is for.  The BAA email had some helpful information about a couple of exercises I need to add to my <quite extensive> list of PT exercises I am already doing every night.  Buns of Steel.  That’s my goal!  btw, do you take the time to do stretches after you run?  It’s been a challenge for me to commit time to do stretches after my runs, but I really pay for it if I don’t.  I guess that’s “welcome to over 45” for ya.  That’s why I love running so much – I can easily go run for a couple hours straight, but if you put me in front of a TV for a workout video I will most likely find a million other things I should be doing and try to incorporate them into my workout time (towel folding, Facebooking, ready magazines…).

My big adventure at work today was updating a bunch of computers.  Sadly I had just finished installing all of the software on these computers when I found a bug in my software that I needed to correct ASAP, so I had to update all of them.

After work my bunco night went well. It was a full house, which hasn’t happened in our group since last year when I hosted! We only played one other time last year, so we all had to refresh ourselves in the rules! A good time was had by all, and it was great to catch up with everyone.


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