I certainly was not surprised this morning when I got the text that school was closed again.  Lots of schools were doing it.  That little bit of snow last night, combined with the really cold temps and winds were enough to keep the kids from the bus stop.  And that means, it keeps me on the treadmill for my Friday long run.

I know some people complain about the treadmill – but why would I?  I’ve got hours of entertainment right there in front of me.  DVR, TV, Netflix & DVD.  No problem.  A fan for when I get hot.  I towel for when I get sweaty.  Some Body Glide close by, just in case.  Refreshments upstairs, and a bathroom close by.  Nope, me and my treadmill are quite in love.  Not to mention the zero commute time to get there!!  I guess if I have to complain about something, it’s the fact that I don’t get to wear awesome looking running gear where everyone can see it.  I probably have a dozen sports bras, and half as many pairs of shorts, and that’s all I need.  Other than my “runderware”… but I won’t go there, because the name gives my husband the creeps.  Hey, no one wants to go ruining all of their good underware, so a designated group of them are only for running.  Enough said.


Today’s run was 15 miles.  My entertainment for the run had been the classic Dumb and Dumber (love that movie!!) and Pretty Little Liars.  I just started watching Pretty Little Liars and so far I like it.  My knee felt pretty good for this run, and after 2 plus hours of running, I was super happy when I saw I had less than a mile to go!


Here’s me doing my piriformis stretches.  See that glass of iced coffee?  That’s what I run for!  I know chocolate milk is the recovery drink of a lot of people, but I’m all about the iced coffee.  I hate normal hot coffee, but iced is so awesome.  Yum yum yum.  I don’t drink it when I haven’t run.  It’s my reward 🙂


I finally got around to returning some Christmas items today.  After that outing, the next thing on my to-do was to make some breakfast muffins.  I got the kids involved and they did a great job.



I was excited to try out a new muffin pan that I got for Christmas.  It’s four times as big as a normal pan, holding 24 at a time.  Sadly, the end ones got to close to the edge of the oven and they burned.  Bummer!!!



At night we watched Pee Wee’s Big Adventure with the kids.  Another classic.  The kids thought it was pretty good too!


3 thoughts on “Another snow day… I love my treadmill!”
    1. oops, slept in today. We got home late last night and decided we’d all just rather sleep in instead! How’d it go? The temperature seemed a lot better than yesterday!

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