With relatives in town from Canada, we got together for one more visit with them before they leave.  Since the breakfast was at 10:00, I decided to forgo my last chance to sleep in for this holiday break and get up and run.  It was supposed to be 8 miles with hills, but my knee did not respond well to anything more than 1.5 incline on the treadmill.  No worries, who needs hills for Boston training??  <eek!!>

Look, it’s my first relfie!  Yep, my running selfie…


The kids were having a great time hanging around with their cousins.  At least I think they are cousins.  Second cousins or something like that. Anyways, they all got along great and had a blast running around the house.


The breakfast was delicious (and especially awesome that it wasn’t hosted at our house!).  It lasted until past noon, and then it was time to do some grocery shopping and get prepared for our “back to reality” week of school and work.

I took a break at home and actually read the Sunday paper.  Ah, I love our sunroom for relaxing!!


It was raining all afternoon, and then it changed to snow.  Finally! No snow for Christmas, but the white stuff was falling now.  Bring it on, I love it!


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