So it’s “back in the saddle again” this week.  Since I had 8 miles on my schedule I realized I needed to wake up early than 5:30am to fit it in by 6:30.  I woke up at 5am.  I did get my run in, but it sure seemed early!  Especially since I got to bed later than I wanted.  Today’s run had 2 miles with strides, so I did .1 fast and .1 slow.  I just made each stride a step up faster on the treadmill chart and I got up to 8.0 (7:30).  That was exciting for me to get some speed back!  But I think the best part was that my knee was OK with it.  The “hills” on Monday did not agree, but the speedwork does.

I need to do some workout clothes laundry – I had to run in my Lulumon skirt today!!


With the cold temps came the inevitable 2 hour school delay this morning.  That was around 5:35am.  However, when I eating my breakfast getting ready to go to work, the school cancellation came!!  That surprised me.  What wimps 🙂  Luckily DW was still home organizing more of his parent’s estate, so they were covered./home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/8f2/33160970/files/2015/01/img_4415.png

Something exciting happened last week… I hit my first week over 45 miles!  I just put my mileage in to RunningAHEAD and it totaled up to 45.4 miles.  Woohoo!!!  That is a milestone.  I haven’t run that much in a week since August, before the Erie marathon.  I was feeling it too – by the time 4pm rolled around, I was exhausted (mostly from the lack of sleep) and I could have just crawled straight into bed after work.  Instead, I stayed up to 10:30, grumbled at all of my family members, and was downright ornery.  You’re welcome family!!  Such is the life a marathoner.  haha

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