Happy Monday to all!  I was enjoying my MLK holiday today.  I was watching the latest episode from Black-ish and they called MLK “Black Skiing Day”.  I had to chuckle at that one.  We did our skiing over the weekend, and drove home last night.  We wanted to have a day off to relax at home before it was back to work and school again.  I got 6 miles in on the treadmill.   Running felt good today!  See that sign in the background – “NO STOPPING ANY TIME MONDAY”.  That’s a souvenir from a previous trip to Boston for Marathon Monday 🙂


I think running is always more fun when I wear these shorts.  I think they were $5 at Old Navy.  Really, they were only worth $5 because they don’t have a drawstring in them.  We all know they can’t be serious running shorts without a drawstring!!  I’m not sure I have ever worn them outside for fear they will fall off, but they are awesome on the treadmill and make me feel speedy!  (and they only match a sports bra).  Speaking of speedy, I need those runs outside to remind me how fast I can go when I’m not obsessing over the speed on the treadmill.  I need those outdoor runs to keep my faith in my running.  For today’s treadmill run I pushed the incline and speed a few times and ended up with an overall pace of 8:59.  Like!!


A big part of my day was spent planning for my annual hosting of bunco night with my neighbor pals.  Unfortunately a few of them apparently never read their email, so I had to make some phone calls.  I had to track them down, and be a pest 🙁  Also, I needed to track down some other neighbors to fill in as subs for the players that can’t attend!  (more of being pest).  Then I had to go shopping to get some stress free foods to serve them.  I used to stress over hosting this event, but now I just take a casual approach to it and make it easy on myself.  I’d like it to be a fun night for myself too, since I am totally awkward being a host.  That’s just not my thing (as previously stated here !)

One of my stops was my local Kroger store, which is moving to a new location down the road.  It was so sad in there!!  They have maybe half of the normal items.  Only one sad cucumber!  And the beer… all moved down the road for the opening celebration later this week.  I probably should have shopped at a different store for better results!


Q: Do you like being a host?

A:  Ugh.  No!

2 thoughts on “Happy Monday!”
  1. So….is this the Kroger out in the Holland/Toledo area? If so, I hate the Kroger location in Spring Meadows – horrible traffic issues!

    And I am absolutely jealous that you can wear just a sports bra…I am way too jiggly in the middle still!

    1. Yep, that’s the Kroger. That place has always been a bit creepy. I think I am going to like the new location!
      My husband said that was my boob shot, but clearly there is no boob action going on there!! Haha I think I have a dozen of those sports bras. There’s no dress code in the basement! I think I have run one race in just a sports bra, made me self concious, but at some point it’s all about not overheating. We’ve had some pretty hot summers!

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