Today was my first long run of my training cycle.  14 miles.  14 MILES!  I anxiously looked forward to this run, mostly because of my knee.  I took the easy choice and did it on the treadmill because I didn’t want to get stuck on an out and back course and have an issue with my knee.  So I watched a really good movie instead.  It was “Now You See Me”.  It was really good!  I highly recommend it.


The run itself went well.  I didn’t feel any pain while I was running, although I could feel something.  Maybe warm pressure?  Afterwards I would say it was a 5 on the pain scale, when it normally feels like a 2 when I am just resting.  I made sure I did my PT exercises and iced it a few times during the course of the day.

Since we are nearing the end of our vacation time off, we decided to go to the zoo for a few hours.  The weather was actually quite nice with our winter clothes on.  We were disappointed to find out that the penguin exhibit (which is outside) was closed.  Really, penguins closed during the winter??



We used our remaining ride passes on the carousel (indoors), and we checked out this cool new display.  Bats!  The bats were really awesome.  They looked like they were snarling at us.


Look what’s hatching in the aviary!


After we left the zoo we went out to dinner.  Always a nice treat not to have to cook!  We were going to use a Groupon that we had, but much to our dismay, the restaurant had closed on January 1st!!  So much for that.  So we went to Max & Erma’s instead.  The kids (and me!) love the make your own sundae bar.  I had some of the most delicious tortilla soup.  Oh yum!!


We had also received Christmas gifts from my brother’s family, so that was an extra treat to open our presents.  Thanks guys!!


To end our night we had to clean up the house for the memorial we are hosting for my mother and father in law.  Still can’t believe they are gone.  Miss them a lot 🙁


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