Remember that 10 miler I was concerned about today?  It was no big deal.  This is no big deal.  (to paraphrase Katy Perry!)  Since my targeted marathon pace is 8:50, I figured my half pace should be 8:30.  So I ran 5 miles around 9:30 and then I ran 2.5 at 8:30, and the last 2.5 at 8:15.  It worked out well and I got it done.  Thanks to Alan getting Sydney ready for the bus, I was able to wake up at 5:15 instead of pre 5am.  That really made a difference.  Of course I woke up several times  last night being concerned about getting up on time.  12:30 – woke up and found the TV on and reminded Alan that he needs to go to bed (we are truly on different schedules during training!). Also woke up around 3:30, 4:40, 5am…

This is how I fuel up in about 2 minutes or less to run 10 miles on my treadmill!  One bar for each 5 miles is my nutrition plan.  I love how I can just eat these bars and run immediately.

2015-01-27 05.29.19

I was pleasantly surprised to get a bit of motivation from Alan for today’s run!

2015-01-27 07.12.36

After work we picked up a new truck for Alan.  This is one sweet ride.  We will be enjoying it for a long, long time 🙂

2015-01-27 17.08.35 2015-01-27 17.10.00 HDR

And later, my family got a good laugh at me doing my PT exercises.  They think the monster walks are quite funny, and now that I see pictures of myself I have to agree!  They do really give my muscles a good workout though, so I’m just going to have to endure the ridicule.  And no, I haven’t put away my Christmas shirts yet.

2015-01-27 19.50.02 2015-01-27 19.53.46

Q: When was the last time you got a new vehicle?  Do you want a new one now?

A:  The truck we are replacing has 109,000 miles and is 9 years old.  My SUV is a few years old but I still love it and don’t want anything different!


4 thoughts on “Mommy and the monster walks”
  1. I’ve never had a ‘new’ car. I am on my third ‘new to me’ car.
    I had a ’97 Infiniti from ’99-’08.
    I totaled that due to a steering issue and bought my Jeep and had that from ’08-’11. I found my dream-ish car was for sale and bought my Murano in ’11 and I still have it.
    Sure, I would love a new/newer car, but I love the Murano because the pedals move and I don’t have to sit on top of the steering wheel to reach them!!!

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