Gas prices are starting to go up in our area.  Too bad I didn’t get a picture at their lowest, which was $1.71 this past weekend I think.  See, I can’t remember already!  Definitely way cheaper than we have seen in a long time.


It is a rest day for me, but since I have a free lunch hour I figured I should get some cross training done.  So I hit the gym and rode the bike for 30 mins.  I think it was a good workout for my legs, and I read a couple of magazines.  Relaxing!


After dinner today we played “Draw Something“.  It was a Christmas gift this year.  It’s a fun game to play, and for the most part the kids don’t fight during it!  (win!)


Since the wind chill is expected to be at least -25 degrees tomorrow, they decided to cancel school tomorrow.  They told us around 7pm.  I wasn’t thinking and I told the kids right away.  Oops!  Next time, we don’t tell them and they go to bed on schedule.  Instead, they stayed up until almost 10pm.  I don’t mind them being up later, but I feel like I should be doing something with them instead of working on anything personal.  Tonight I had Sydney help me work on yearbook tasks, which was helpful.  But still, I never got around to doing my PT exercises.  BOO!  That’s why I run in the morning, because if I had to wait until later in the day, it would never get done.  And then DW & I drank some margaritas.  And I got to bed too late….


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