I was going to tell you all about my renewed faith and inspiration with running outside today and how great it was to run with other people, but instead, my run date didn’t happen!  I do take comfort in knowing that my friends are a lot like me and when we looked outside at the windy dark morning, with slippery light rain, we both came to the conclusion that our long run together wasn’t happening today and I hit the treadmill instead.

2015-01-25 07.39.43
Nope. Not happening today.

I was scheduled for a 12 mile long run, but heck, if you’re going that far you need to just go for the half, so I set the treadmill for 13.1 and ran.  Done in 2:01.  The last 5 miles were spent with +1 or -1 incline/decline every half mile so I got my “hills” in there too, and the last mile was made up of some speedwork – racing to the “finish” line at 7:24 pace for that last .1 miles.  Woohoo!!  Where’s my medal?? I’m pretty sure I was ahead of the pack 🙂

Looking ahead at my schedule this week I will be back on track for some hard work.

  • Mon: 5 miles
  • Tues: 10 miles LT (lactate threshold) run with 5 at HMP (half marathon pace)
  • Weds:  Rest!!
  • Thurs: 9 miles
  • Friday:  18 miles long run
  • Sat: Rest!
  • Weekly total – 42 miles
2015-01-25 07.54.08
My training schedule, with a little bit of inspiration!

Tuesday and Friday will be tough.  I don’t know if getting up super early for the 10 miler will be worse, or getting in that 18 miler.  That’s some serious distance!

I spent a few hours cuddling up in my favorite blanket working on the yearbook pages and catching up on emails.  It was a really cold looking blustery day out there!!

2015-01-25 12.20.07

Then we went to see Penguins of Madagascar.  My review “eh, I wouldn’t want to watch it again”.  I do give a A+++ rating to Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.  It’s great!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Q:  Did anyone see any good movies this weekend?

A: We also watched National Treasure on Saturday night.  A really good movie!

4 thoughts on “Short but sweet Sunday”
  1. National Treasure (1 and 2) are the kinds of movies that I have to turn on when they are on TV. They are good, but I have some strange pull to watch them, whether I’m in the mood or not.

    I was starting to feel like a wuss this afternoon, since I only went the 2 miles with Carah, but knowing I’m not the only wuss makes it easier.

    I am going to have to make up my long run from this weekend during the week, which won’t be hard because my long runs right now aren’t long at all really.

    Do you get up before work to run??

    1. Yes, on every day other than my day off I am running before work. So, with 10 miles, I guess I have to get up at… well, I don’t want to think about it yet. But it’s at least 5am. Maybe I’ll recruit my hubby to get the kids ready for the bus so I don’t have to get up quite so early!!

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