Today’s plan was 8 miles with hills.  And getting up at 5:15 to get that done.  However, that didn’t quite happen.  Instead I woke up at 6am when Sydney crawled into bed with us!  Apparently when I turned off the alarm yesterday I accidentally either turned down the volume on the radio or changed the station, but either way, there was just silence when it turned on at 5:15.  Big bummer!!  It was not a good way to start my day.  So I rushed downstairs and started my running and asked Alan to get Sydney to the bus.  Luckily both kids were buying lunch so there wasn’t much work to be done.  I only got in 7 miles before I had to quit and take a shower… and it meant one more day of no hair washing… but I was happy with what I accomplished.

  • The workout was:  3 miles warm up, and then 3 repeats of
  • .25 mile with 10% incline @ 9:05, .25 mile recovery  (6% actual incline)
  • .25 mile with 8% incline @ 8:49 pace, .25 mile recovery  (4% actual incline)
  • .25 mile with 0% inline @ 7:30 pace, .25 mile recovery  (4% actual decline)

Note that our treadmill had a wooden block under it, so a flat “normal” position is 4% instead of 0% incline.  This allows us to get a decline to practice those downhills!

The best news – my knee was not bothered by the hill workout!  Yahoo!  I was concerned about that, so I am glad to see that I might just survive the Boston course after all 🙂

At lunchtime today I passed out yearbook flyers at school.  That’s my volunteer job at the school – yearbook creator.  I really enjoy scrapbooking so that is right up my alley.  I did it last year too.


Work was pretty uneventful, and then I got this text after school…..


That kid cracks me up!  After dinner I went shopping with Sydney.  It was a very cold night walking around at the mall!


The view on my way home from work was just beautiful.  The sunset was pretty, even though I didn’t catch most of it in this shot.


I’m still trying to figure out what my “go to” shoes are for this training cycle and for Boston.  I just got the new Newton Motion III’s.  They are the purple ones.  They feel so much lighter than my old orange Newtons!  I don’t know if that is good or bad yet.  With my knee injury I have been using my Asics Nimbus shoes a lot, thinking that would give my knees a break.  All of my treadmill shoes are stored here in my closet…


And all of my outside running shoes are living out in the garage!  Along with Alan’s shoes.  As you can see, we are big Newton and Asics fans!


Q:  Do you use different types of shoes or just stick with one brand?

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