If you’ve been following my blog (well, since Sunday), you would have seen that I had 9 miles on my plan this morning.  Yep.  For some reason I thought I was supposed to run 5 miles and that’s just what I did!  I didn’t even realize it until almost lunch time today.  What to do… run 4 more miles??

Nah.  I’m not sure what that would prove.  I’d kind of like my legs to be a little more rested for that seemingly unending 18 miles I have on schedule for tomorrow.  And yes, I did double check that distance 🙂  Here’s the kicker though… early in the AM I got this text – school delayed.

2015-01-29 05.55.10

So technically, I did have enough time to get those miles in AND wash my hair this morning.  Argggh.  Now I’m even more annoyed at myself.  The weatherman told me this morning that it was going to be “bitterly cold” tomorrow, so I’ve got that to look forward to!

Things I am looking forward to about my long run this week: 1) accomplishing the goal  2) new GU flavor!!  chocolate peanut butter  3) listening to some new podcasts from my favorites (Another Mother Runner and Naturally Nicole)  (( I know, I threw you on that Naturally Nicole aka “Snooki” podcast, but she is pretty darn funny and just rambles on for hours on pointless topics, which makes my long runs go by pretty fast ))

My little man was excited that he got to hang out with me at work today for an hour during the school delay.  I even made him alphabetize some time sheets!

2015-01-29 09.37.05

Here is an interesting science experiment that was happening at my house.  One potato was was cut into four pieces and each piece was exposed to different elements.  One control piece, one was breathed on by our family members, one handled by my daughter, and one was rubbed on something germy… What’s interesting that the potato that was “rubbed on tredmill” was the potato that grew the most mold!  Not really surprising I guess, but pretty gross!

2015-01-29 18.25.05

And in closing… Thursday night is “date night” around our house!  Beer and pizza night is our tradition.  Not only is it super delicious, it’s also an awesome way to carb load 🙂  Since Survivor is not on right now, we are watching King of the Nerds.

2015-01-29 20.47.35


Q: What would you have done – run the additional 4 miles after work, or just let it go??

Q: Are you a Survivor or King of the Nerds fan?


One thought on “Well duh! What was I thinking?…”
  1. Aw that’s hilarious!! I seriously doubt I would get back out there, unless maybe I had nothing else to do and was feeling motivated! Having said that it would be way more likely for me to do some yoga instead! Your date night sounds awesome, pizza is always a good choice 🙂 I’ve never seen either of those shows, i think I’d love survivor though!

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