10 miles done this morning!  Woohoo!  Always a great feeling to get so much accomplished before the rest of the world is out and about.  Luckily Alan was there to help get the kids ready for school so I didn’t have to get up even super earlier.  Thanks honey 🙂  The run went well although I still had a bit of a pain in my right foot.  So, half the time was enjoyable.  Ok, it wasn’t quite that bad, but it did make me wonder what is still going on with it.

The Bachelor show kept me entertained.  What a bunch of crazy ladies on that show!  And Ellen’s Design Challenge.  I’ve got endless entertainment in my basement!

2015-02-12 06.56.27

I had to do a quick session of stretching before I showered.  This part is non-negotiable these days.  I really feel it if I didn’t get my stretches in.

2015-02-12 07.09.18

I bought a little treat last week and haven’t found the right day to “celebrate” with them yet.  Well folks, today is the day!!  I quietly busted these babies out (sssshhhhh, can’t let my kids know) and enjoyed them on my trip to work.  They were pretty darn good, but I think I still like the vanilla frosted chocolate ones best.  And hey, I can celebrate with them again tomorrow after my long run.  This is shaping up to be a good next few days!!

2015-02-12 08.07.50

After dropping off the kids at chess practice I had a very frustrating trip to the grocery store.  The cashier incorrectly charged me for two items, one of which was apples, and they clearly had labels on them.  The dude seemed to be just punching in random produce codes which of course ended up charging me twice the correct prices!  Not cool.  I have already sent off my angry email to Kroger.

Here is another shocker – if you wait until Feb 12 to buy Valentines for your son and his class party on Feb 13th, the only Valentines left in the store will be *girl* Valentines.  Luckily the store down the road had one box of boy Valentines.  Pretty much only one.  Good thing he liked the Avengers.

Back to chess for a few minutes of educational reading while I wait for the kids.

2015-02-12 18.46.02

When I glanced down I noticed I had a bloody cut on my hand.  What the heck?  Seems like that happened to me just a month ago.  I should be more careful!

2015-02-12 18.58.08

It’s beer & pizza night with my sweetie.   Looking forward to some relaxation!!

Q: Do you normally use the self check out and scan your own groceries, or let the cashiers do it?

A:  I am all about the self scanning.  I guess it’s for this reason – that way I can take the time to make sure I see the prices! 

2 thoughts on “Breakfast of champions”
  1. Did you do ten miles on the treadmill? So impressive!! How did you entertain yourself?? Just with the bachelor? I have the attention span of a flea and would have found that hugely challenging!! 🙂
    Enjoy pizza and beer night with your sweetie! Too cute! 🙂
    I am all about the self scanner for that very reason. Except for when I buy lollies from the bulk bins cos then it gets confusing. And I buy lollies most times I go to the supermarket so I guess I don’t use the scanner that much haha it’s a huge dilemma in my life 🙂
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