Well dang it, don’t you hate when you add up your actual mileage for the week and it is so close to a “big number” and you didn’t realize it?  When I logged my runs in my RunningAhead log, the total for the week was 59.4.  That’s a lot of miles for me… but also, SO close to 60.  If I had only known….

Looking ahead at my upcoming workouts –

  • Mon – 5 easy miles.  Well, 5 GA miles, but I’m keeping them easy
  • Tues – 8 miles of hills.  What?  I did this today, so I’m not sure what Tues will be.
  • Wed – Rest! 🙂
  • Thurs – 10 GA miles
  • Fri – Long run, 16 with 12 at at MP (marathon pace, 8:50)
  • Sat – Rest!  Valentines Day  xoxoxo
  • Sun – 6 miles
  • Weekly total = 45

My Sunday seemed to fly by, mostly because I spent a large amount of time making some soup.  It looked so good on the blog, but it didn’t quite meet my expectations when it was finished.  Mostly because I spent so much time making it!

2015-02-08 13.02.38

Here is the hill simulation I did today for the first part of my run.  The Newton Hills are a series of hills that happen around 16 miles into the marathon.  Prior to that the course is a lot of downhill.  Note that all of the inclines on my chart are actually increased by 4%, which is the amount of incline we put on our treadmill.  I don’t like doing math during my run, so it had to be this way!!  That last 6% incline was rough!!  Well, they were all kind of rough because I was expecting some declines in between the “hills”.  At least I know what I need to work on.

2015-02-08 19.17.13

One puzzling thing that has developed is my right foot has a pain on the top of it.  It didn’t hurt before my long run, and even the rest of the day after the long run, but the next day (yesterday) it just started hurting out of nowhere, for no reason.  So I’ve been icing it in hopes that will calm it down.  It’s a bit annoying when I run and am just walking around.  My cat disapproves of it too.

2015-02-08 19.26.07

Overall I had a good Saturday and got some tasks done (finally removed the Christmas lights out of the yard!), but it always goes by too fast.  Especially when I wait to do my run any time after breakfast.  But I do not regret skipping the morning run for some delicious cinnamon rolls with the family.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Q: On the weekends, do you sleep in or get up early to get your run done?

4 thoughts on “Gone too soon Sunday”
    1. That is a good thought about the laces. My foot did hurt this morning when I ran, and lasted until about midday. But now, I think (knock on wood) it’s improved! Weird thing indeed.

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