Rest day for me today.  No running, but I figured I should get some cross training in.  When I went to the gym it was snowing.  But it was really loud.  Looked like tiny little balls of ice!  Luckily that was short lived and I was able to make it from my car to the gym unharmed 🙂

2015-02-11 12.21.01 HDR

I had selected some of my favorite magazines, which have been stacking up at my house, especially for my gym trip today.  Imagine my utter shock when all 3 of the bikes were already being used!  So I grabbed an elliptical.  Not my favorite equipment.  I bounce around too much to be able to read my magazines and don’t feel like I’m getting much of a workout at that speed.  Not to mention that my feet always seem to go numb on those things.  odd!

2015-02-11 12.31.06

I kept looking over at the bikes, and I think my power of persuasion actually encouraged one of the people to stop using the bike because after 8 mins on the elliptical, one was available.  Well, it wasn’t really “available” because the guy was just sitting on it and chatting with another person who also wasn’t working out.  So I just walked over there and asked him if he was done!  Sure enough he let me use it.  There you go.  If you want it, just ask for it 🙂

I finished up my workout on the bike and got to read some magazines.  Perfect.

2015-02-11 12.41.23

After work we took another trip over to the school to get a forgotten text book.  I’m starting to sense a theme with my kids.  They forget.  I drive them.  Nope kids, they better start remembering things!

My nights always seem to fly by, without leaving me much time to do much.  We did get to watch some American Ninja Warrior, which is always a good time.  But tomorrow morning is a big run so I have to be ready.  Purple is the color for the day!

2015-02-11 21.24.00

Q: Do you prefer the bikes or the elliptical at the gym?



One thought on “How to get the equipment you want”
  1. Good on you for asking about your bike! That would have been driving me crazy haha. I love to warm up on the bike and I definitely prefer it for reading, I feel so weird if I attempt that on the the elliptical! I think I prefer the elliptical to the bike otherwise though… But really neither compare to the treadmill 🙂 or to group fitness classes!! That is really my jam! 🙂
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