It’s a good thing I am not a coach or personal trainer.  My clients would be all confused!  Just yesterday I wrote about my upcoming week, and sure enough I got it wrong again!  For some reason I thought I had to run 5 miles at half marathon pace for this morning’s workout.  Learning from my past mistakes I took a look at my calendar before I hit the treadmill this morning and I saw it was actually 6 miles at HMP, not 5.  Maybe I just need some new glasses or something!

So, today’s workout = 10 miles with 6 @ 8:15 pace.  Done in 1:29!  That was a good workout.  My legs were not quite as fresh as Monday.  I probably should have just taken it easy yesterday instead of pushing it a little.

Here’s something that makes me happy… the view from my bedroom window.  I love to see the sun rising over the trees!

2015-02-03 08.14.03

I made an effort today to try something different instead of my usual cereal for breakfast, so I made a scrambled egg and some toast.  The toast looks gross, but it’s actually apple butter on it, which was good.  The homemade apple butter was a gift from a teacher at school whom I make copies for every other week.  She gave me a basket of homemade pickles and such.  What a great gift!  I’m not sure the change in breakfast really made that much of a difference in whether I was hungry by 10am, but I do think it helped some.

2015-02-03 08.29.36

Since it was yet another 2 hours school delay, due to “weather” conditions, I ended up missing my scheduled trip to the gym for weights.  I will catch up on that tomorrow.

At home tonight Saige got all dressed up in her Boston marathon attire.  She is looking awesome!

2015-02-03 20.01.29


Well, that was a lot of random info from me today.  How about you?

Q: Any random thoughts you’d like to share today?? 🙂 

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