It’s been a great weekend!  We started out with a friend sleeping over Friday night.  Can you tell the kids are addicted to Minecraft around here?  This is how I found them Saturday morning.

2015-02-21 10.19.40

I’m still feeling some foot pain after my running.  This is where the pain is….  so if anyone with some medical knowledge is reading my blog – please let me know what it is!  I only feel the pain when my toes are pointed down, foot stretched out.  Mostly the pain is located near the bottom finger in that picture.

2015-02-21 08.27.07

I went for a run this morning which was broke down into 3 sections.  The first three miles I did by myself, at an easy pace.  9:04 avg pace.  Then I met with my friend and we chatted and ran three more miles.  10:30 avg pace.  Then I ran home another 2.6 miles and had these paces: 8:43, 8:08 and .6 miles at 7:56.

2015-02-22 09.48.48


The trail was looking quite beautiful this morning!

2015-02-22 09.27.21

I am always happy to see an “8” in my paces but pushing it to the “7” (ok, just barely) was super exciting for me.  I even did a little happy jump when I got home!

2015-02-22 09.47.27-1

The selected photo was way better than this lame attempt… too many things not working for that shot!  haha

2015-02-22 09.48.07

Then we had to get out and enjoy the new snow that arrived over the weekend.  We hit the sledding hill hard.  So hard in fact that our trusty circle sled finally cracked all the way through.  It had a good, good life.  We will miss it 🙁

2015-02-22 13.13.02

After building up an appetite from all of that physical activity, we made a run for the border and got the new Quesalupa at Taco Bell.  Pretty good!  Then we remembered that it’s the season for Shamrock Shakes at McDonalds.  So of course we had to stop by there too!  Very much out of the ordinary for us to go to even one fast food place, but I don’t regret it one bit 🙂  yum yum yum!

2015-02-22 14.11.14

Q:  Do you have any seasonal fast food favorites?

A:  Shamrock shakes are our big thing!  Besides that, I can’t think of any other seasonal favorites.

Q: Do you prefer sledding on your own sled, or barreling down the hill with a buddy?

A: Either way is fun for me.  We also made a big family chain of four sleds which was quite a thrill!

Q: Have you ever played Minecraft? 


4 thoughts on “Shamrocking it on Sunday”
  1. Sounds like a fun day and glad you picked up the pace after I left! 😉 If my time started with a “7”, I wouldn’t be able to jump like that afterward!

    1. Zachary keeps telling me I should try it. It does look fun and creative, but I have never tried it. And I’ve heard it’s educational, like Legos, so I keep thinking that when they are playing it non stop for hours… haha

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