We skied at one of our favorite resorts today. We were pretty tired this morning. It was such a long trip here. We arrived around 7:30 pm at the airport, but it took at least a half hour to get our skis unloaded. They need more employees unloading luggage! After we got our rental car it was still another 90 mins or so to the condo. But first, a quick trip to the grocery store! By the time we got to the condo it was 11:40 pm. Especially exhausting when you factor in the time zone – 1:40 am in our time!  Whew!!

Soon after we started skiing, the snow clouds moved in and kept a continual pelting of snow all day. 

It was a bit of an issue when we got up to a very high altitude because we got a bit disoriented with all of the snow reducing our visabilty!

We enjoyed some cold beers and yummy foods at Downstairs at Erics. 

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