Maybe I was a little too enthaustuic about my trip the gym yesterday.  I got a thought stuck in my head about leg strength improving my chances at the hill in Boston, so I did an extra set on all of the equipment yesterday.  Oh.  I was feeling that this morning.  Not to mention my rear is also sore from the sledding adventure on Sunday.  How can you enjoy the bumps and jumps of the sledding hill without ending up with a sore butt?  I would love to know the answer to that one!

My foot was not feeling quite so sore this morning  though.  My coworker, who is a yoga instructor, suggested that foot massage might help, so my foot got a thorough massage before I went to sleep last night.  I think it really helped the issue of my foot bothering me when I sleep.  Yes, I do stress out that my foot hurts even when I am trying to sleep!

I got up bright [dark] and early at 5am to get those 11 miles done this morning.  Despite my sore legs, I pretty much nailed my run.  7 miles were at 8:20 pace.  Then, out of nowhere, we got hit with another school delay!  Dang, that kind of messes up my day.  But no worries, because after 7am, it’s REST DAY(s)!  And, if that weren’t special enough, after 1:30pm today, it’s VACATION!!

I know, I know… the people of Ohio want vacation to be a beach location.  While I’m all about fun in the sun, our family is down for some good old fashion playing in the snow… in the Rocky Mountains!!


Sure, sore thighs are not the best thing to be heading on a ski trip with, but who cares!  I am ready for it.  I’m especially ready for the big sacks of cookies we get at Mary’s Mountain Cookies.


Packing for a ski trip is nothing to be taken lightly… literally.  We have 2 ski bags, 2 boot bags, and 2 big suitcases full of snow stuff!  With all of our gear, I pretty much took PJs and 1 shirt.  We live the life of ski bums and barely even change out of our ski gear so there is no need for an extensive wardrobe.

Alan and I did bring our running gear, so hopefully I’ll get to post a few breathtaking photos our high altitude runs.  I’m going to try to get out for two runs, but I will be just as happy with one.  Vacation here we come!!

Q:  Vacation preference – beach or slopes??

Q:  Do you pack light for your trip, or pay for more bags?

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  1. So exciting that you’re on holiday! I can’t wait to see pics! I’m the worst skier but I love snow so I will get my fix from your blog 🙂 I had a lot of foot pain last year because I was waitressing a lot in a busy restaurant and running a lot and basically both my feet had some terrible plantar fasciatis, ouch :s massage definitely helped though! Hope your foot continues to feel better!
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