What?  Only 8 more weeks?  When I first typed this, I thought it was 10 weeks away.  Oh my, 8 weeks!  It’s a good time to review how my running has been going.

Last week I got some good mileage in.  59.6 miles.  Once again, wish I would have done the math because I probably would have run .4 miles more!  But also once again, my foot is feeling a bit more sore than before.

So I did it.  I made the call.  Dr’s appointment to check out my foot happening next week.  I hated to schedule that appointment, but I really should get it checked out.  To review – knee, not really a big deal any more – foot, more of a problem now.  Sigh.  Alan has informed me that even if it’s a stress fracture I am still running Boston.  <and I agree!>

As for training – I am staying on track and hitting almost all of my workouts.  That’s a great thing.  This morning I had a 5 mile GA run.  Tomorrow, 11 miles with 7 at HMP.   Sounds challenging!

I do get a gold star for today.  I went to the gym!!  And yes, I do wear the same outfit to the gym every time I go.  Sometimes I mix it up and wear bike shorts instead of capris.  Crazy!!

2015-02-23 12.44.29

We had some good laughs tonight before bedtime.  Notice anything odd about this picture??  Now we have proof that the cat is possessed.  Sydney looks slightly suspicious too.

2015-02-23 20.27.48

And later, Zachary had a snuggling/selfie session.  Love that little guy 🙂

2015-02-23 20.40.23

That’s it for tonight.  Gotta get up early to get that run in.  Fingers crossed tomorrow will be the day my foot decides to feel better!!

Q: Do you like to round off your mileage for the week, or just don’t care?



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