Woke up early.  Ran those hills.  They tend to be a bit easier when I haven’t run 12 miles first!!

Started moving network equipment at work.  Lots and lots of wires to plug and replug!

2015-03-09 09.41.14

Went to the gym.  Did some weights as planned.  YEAH me!!

2015-03-09 12.19.30

Got back to work.  Spent the afternoon relocating 8 offices, complete with dusty computer equipment and replugging everything that has a plug on it!  Didn’t get out of work until 30 mins later than usual.

Came home completely exhausted!!  Alan offered to cook dinner, I graciously accepted.  Helped kids with homework and then took big nap on the couch because I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer!

2015-03-09 19.45.51

Woke up, wrote this blog, watched some TV with Alan, ate chocolate pudding (well, just because!), and went to bed.

The End!  Sometimes work is just a lot of hard work.  But most importantly… I made it to the gym, as planned.

Hope you had a productive (and non-exhausting) Monday too!

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