I got some new running clothes in the mail.  Woohoo!!  But first, let’s recap my last week…  I ran 50.2 miles.  That’s a good week!  Even better news, my foot almost doesn’t hurt at all!  Not even a trace.  Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have said that out loud.  But it’s true!  I think this is going to be a good week 🙂  Things I didn’t do last week: weight training.  I know, I was going to, but it just didn’t happen.  So I scheduled it on my calendar this week and I’m doing it!

  • This week’s workouts:
  • Mon – 5 miles, hills.  I want to do hills every week, so I’m adding them in here.  And the GYM!
  • Tues – 9 miles VO2max with 5 x 1,000m @ 5K pace. I better consult my coach on this one.  Not sure what it means, but it’s some sort of intervals I guess!
  • Weds – Rest!  Maybe hit the gym.
  • Thurs – 8 miles  Maybe hit the gym too.
  • Fri – 18 miles with 14 at marathon pace (this one is a biggie!)
  • Sat – Rest!
  • Sun – 6 miles
  • Weekly total = 46 miles

It’s only 6 more weeks until Boston, so it’s time to get serious!   In fact, my kids were getting in on the PT activities tonight… (ha, I think Sydney was going for the dramatic look!)

2015-03-08 19.29.17

Speaking of Boston… I’m starting to think about what I might be wearing on race day.  I’ve mentioned before that I have a really lame selection of shorts.  I have some really nice skirts, but my shorts are ill fitting to say the best.  I found a couple of items at Athleta which I spent some rewards on.  First is this skirt –

2015-03-07 19.38.01

I have another solid one just like it, but I really liked the pattern, and it was on sale 🙂

The shorts weren’t exactly on sale, but I thought they looked really nice.   A nice sleek fit in the front and back.

2015-03-07 19.41.13 2015-03-07 19.43.15

Look at that huge pocket in the back!  I love when shorts/skirts have pockets that zip.  I will be trying them out on my run tomorrow morning.  Oh look – there’s my other kitty Zoe photobombing me!

The other gear I got today was a pair of capris.  I always see those happy capri wearers, and I want to be like them. I do own a few pairs, but I haven’t quite found “the pair” yet.  Mine are some cheapies from Old Navy and they are really warm (maybe because of the compression material?), and they are lacking a drawstring.  I happen to have a body shape that needs a drawstring or I spend the whole run pulling them up.  I found a pair at Target which met my criteria, but I wasn’t sure about the pattern.  I’m more of a “basic”, “non-trendy” kind of gal.  I told my husband that I wasn’t sure the pattern was quite right for me, but I might order a pair in black instead.  Because maybe they were just too busy for me.  He said “You mean, something you wouldn’t want to wear when you’re 50?”.  HaHaHa!  Good one.  That made me laugh.  I thought, geez, 50?  That sounds old.  But then I realized it was only 3 years away.  Oh good god, how did that happen??

Q:  Do you look forward to your birthdays?

A: Of course!  I love cake, ice cream, presents, and celebrating another year of being alive!!

Q: Are you are skirt, shorts, or capri wearer?  If capris, where did you get them?? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Running recap, some new gear, and when it hits you…”
    1. The shorts were pretty good on my run today! They are just a tad shorter than my normal pairs, so I have to get used to that. But, so much sleeker than anything else I have for sure! Hope you are enjoying your trip!!

  1. That pic of you and your kids with the recovery equipment is hilarious 🙂 I am definitely a capris girl, every single time. I have some amazing pairs from lululemon (yay for Xmas pressies 😉 ) and also some really great pairs from Kmart! Do you have Kmart there? It is one of my fave places ever. Those running skirts look great on you! 🙂
    Jessica @ kiwiyogirunner recently posted…The one with the final pics from NZ I promiseMy Profile

    1. We do have Kmart here – but, they closed the one near me 🙁 I gave it a try and wore a pair of capris to the gym and was way too warm in them! It must be the material. I’ll have to keep looking. But yes, Lululemon is great – I have one skirt, and it’s awesome! A running investment I say 🙂

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