Last night as I was getting ready for bed I had a great multitasking idea… I could do some PT exercises while I brush my teeth.  I could get a few monster walks done while my 2 minutes counted down on my electric toothbrush (love that thing!).  I like to think I can accomplish many a thing while doing other things.  It doesn’t always work out, but I sure like to think I can!

So I started doing some walks around the bathroom. But pretty soon the timer went off.  No problem, I’ll just head down to give the kids a kiss before I go to bed.  Going down the hall worked out very well because it’s a long hall.  When I got to my son’s room, I noticed the only thing you could hear in the dark of night was my PT stretchy band going “squish squish” while I monster walked over to him.  Sure enough, that was the only thing he could hear too while he slept because he sat up in bed and with a groggy voice said “Mom???  Are you doing monster walks??”.  LOL, busted.  You know you’re dedicated to PT exercises when your kids can identify them in the dark while they are asleep!!

There was lots of good stuff going on today….

It was hard to choose an orange this morning to “sacrifice” since they all looked so happy!

2015-03-25 08.02.35

I was pleased to see that I am getting one step closer to actually moving in to my desk.  They have some brackets to install this weekend, then next week I’ll actually be there!  woo!

2015-03-25 10.05.35

Another good thing today – I charted my suggested paces for Boston using a calculator (not made by me!) and I’m excited to see that they actually look doable!

boston pacing

My son’s soccer coach said the boys should start “conditioning” and they should be able to run 4 or 5 miles by the time soccer starts in a few weeks.  Uh oh, time to get the kids out running!  We ran around the neighborhood for a mile, with little or no complaining.  Bonus!

And again, I made it to the gym at lunch time!  I’m glad to see a return to normalcy around my work week 🙂

Q: Your fav, oranges or apples?

A:  I love oranges, but I don’t like messy orange eating hands.  I eat a lot of apples too!

Q: Are you a light sleeper, or like a rock?

A: Before kids I used to sleep pretty solid, but now, I wake up at the slightest sound most nights.

Q: What good stuff is happening to you these days?


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