Today’s run was at the crack of dawn.  For some reason getting up at 5:10am and hopping on the treadmill always seems easier than getting out of bed at 6:30 on a Saturday!  Maybe because I stayed up too late…  The course was a nice mix of trails through the woods, and some country roads.  On this 18 miler club run we got to see friends who were also in training for other marathons and I quite enjoyed having other people around to chat and commiserate with!

2015-04-04 09.25.05

And on the country roads we saw some little ponies!  We definitely had to stop to visit them.

2015-04-04 09.33.38 2015-04-04 09.33.50

Alan was a bit sluggish from his long run yesterday, and I was having a hard time finding my mojo.  I don’t think I was even in my groove until 5 miles into the run.  I was definitely feeling sore in the glutes – a good sign I guess that I’ve been training hard, and now it’s time to taper and rest my body.

I decided a needed a nice long stretch session after that run, so I turned to a yoga video (gasp!).  Thanks KiwiRunnerYogi for letting me know about these.  15 to 20 mins is perfect for my short attention span.  Ok, let’s be honest – I often just jump up on that last few minutes of laying on the ground, but for the core of the video, I am engaged!  And the kids love to join me, so that’s fun.  Well mostly I think they like giggling about pronouncing the odd sounding yoga words like “hanasahamaaaa” because we repeated them all three times after they were said.

While doing my yoga, my son told me that I smelled like a “sweaty runner”.  I think that’s the best compliment he’s given me yet!  Thanks for noticing, that’s the smell of accomplishment 🙂  (ps, I look pretty intense in this pose.  Wow, so serious!)  Can you tell my run was cold this morning?  I didn’t want to take off my jacket & vest until 30 mins after getting indoors.

2015-04-04 11.20.24

Later, I was disappointed yet again when the mailman did not deliver my Boston Runner’s Passport.  Booooo!  I have decided that I’m just going to look at Alan’s stuff now and not wait any longer.  BAA, why do you break my heart everyday??

2015-04-04 15.07.36

We did finish off our day with a fun event – an Egg Drop!  The church down the road from us dumps plastic Easter eggs from a helicopter for the kids to gather up.  It’s a crazy event, with tons of people, and tons of traffic… but the kids love it, so that’s what’s important 🙂  And, they shared a pack of Smarties with me.

2015-04-04 17.56.08 2015-04-04 17.59.36

Time for some relaxing, and an ice cold celebration beer for my last “long” run for my Boston journey completed!  Oh, and also because I finally finished up that school yearbook I was working on for the last few months.  Woohoo!  Now I can get around to reading those 399 new emails in my Inbox.  (not joking, sadly)

Q: Have you ever been horseback riding?

A: I have been a few times, and I really like it a lot!  (but never on a tiny pony!!)

Q: How long does it take you to find your groove on a run?

A: It usually takes me a mile or so, but hey, sometimes it’s quite a bit longer!

Q: Did you participate in any Easter egg hunts?


3 thoughts on “18 miles, and “gee you smell!””
  1. So funny, I find it easier to run out side and you on a treadmill! I struggle this morning getting excited to get my 7 miles in on the treadmill… I love running trails, however, the path I normally take, my son and husband saw snakes on it…. so no brainer, treadmill it was this morning for me!!!

    Smell? So funny, kids are always so truthful!! My son has in the past told me to get a shower because I stunk so bad!! Weird, I have an ammonia kind of smell! And it doesn’t matter if I run 3 miles or 13.1– I stink the same!

    Hope you and your family have a Happy Easter!!!

    What an Easter egg hunt!!! Love it!! So fun! My son had an Easter egg hunt at school before spring break! Tomorrow, we will have a mini Easter egg hunt in our yard! 🙂

    And BOO!!! No passport!!! 🙁 I was hoping to hear that you received it!!!!! Hopefully soon!!! But how dare the BAA break your heart!!!

    1. Snakes? My kids pick up snakes that we find by our pool in the summer! They don’t bother me. But large dogs? That’s my biggest fear when running!
      The Passport has a cool map of Boston and I was so ready to get out my marker and mark the hotel location… when I was reminded it was my husbands map. But I’m sure eventually he will share 🙂

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