Today we received something very special in the mail.

2015-04-15 21.20.25

It is a scarf from last year’s Boston marathon scarf project.  I spoke to the person who knitted this just the other day, and there it was – rushed to us from Los Angeles!  What a super kind and meaningful thing.  When we were in Boston last year we did not get a scarf, so when I saw they still had a few left I requested this one.

It was as rest day for me, so no running today.  Not even a visit to the gym!

At work (job 1) we had something I had never seen before – dark chocolate with marshmallow inside of it.  It was from the Peeps company so I wondered about the taste of it, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out it didn’t taste like a Peep!

2015-04-15 11.54.11

It was a rough day for trying to eat healthy.  I have been drinking lots of extra water, but avoiding the sweets has been hard.  Like tonight, I went to the bank’s annual meeting.  It was quite businesslike (of course) and was at the same theatre that we go to see the Nutcracker in at Christmas.

2015-04-15 17.39.40

It’s hard to tell here, but this room contained lots of people in suits, AND the best grazing stations in town!  There was one station that was all fancy Italian foods that were to die for!  And so so so many great desserts.  I just couldn’t pass that up 🙂  But I was good and didn’t have anything but water to drink.  Yeah me!

2015-04-15 18.11.40

That’s it for now.  I get to run tomorrow morning and I’ll try out my other skirt for final comparison.  Woohoo!


Q: Do you own any suits?

A: I have just a couple.  Even though I am working at the bank I haven’t given in totally to the professional dress code quite yet.  

Q: Do you know how to knit?

A: I tried it a while back, and found it very frustrating!  So no, I can barely figure it out.

Q: Do you have a special pre-race diet?  Do you drink a lot of water?

3 thoughts on “2 years later…”
    1. The bank has gotten “progressive”. They now allow women to wear pants, as long as it’s a matching pant suit! Good thing I work as a contractor there because I just wear dress pants and sweaters, not full suits. Still professional in my opinion. When I worked at another bank years ago women only wore skirts/dresses, pants not allowed. Seriously, that’s a lame dress code!

  1. I work in a doctor’s office, so usually it is dresses for me. But, on “dress down” days, I enjoy the opportunity to wear jeans and our office logo t-shirt!!! (in fact, tomorrow is a dress down day). Plus, I love walk in clinic days….I get to wear comfy scrubs!!! Nothing better than that!!! Suits? A bit too stuffy for me!!

    Love the scarf!!! I tried to knit a while back! Taught myself on youtube, however, never made anything except half of a scarf…LOL…I so had big plans to make hats!!! Need-less-to-say, I would have to start at ground zero if I picked it up again! Would love to be one of those people who just sat around watching TV knitting fabulous things…… lol

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