I think today’s workout was the hardest one on my schedule until Boston.  Which made me look forward to it even more!  It’s funny how exhausted running can make you (especially when you wake up early to do it!), but when you’re told not to run very much, it’s the thing you want to do more of!

The workout was an 8 mile run with 3 x 1 mile intervals at 5K pace.  I did my first interval at the pace Coach Alan had written down, but for the second and third mile I needed to recalculate my 5K pace since I’ve got a new goal in mind for the summer.  Also because the McMillian pace calculator said I should be running my 5K a bit faster based on my new half marathon PR in October.  It seemed like an ambitious goal to me, but it’s worth a try.


It was a good workout.  I’m starting to wonder how many miles I will run in the morning when I’m not in training!  I’ll have to run some miles, so I can catch up on my shows on the DVR!

Meanwhile at work…  I’m finally moved in… kind of!  My new work space has a desk now, complete with a few drawers.  But not enough drawers.  Just when I thought I had relocated all of my stuff from my old office, I found a few more boxes I have to sort though.  Unfortunately, my desk drawers are already full!  Purge time.

2015-04-07 16.43.21

I spent a good 10 minutes testing out all of these pens and narrowing my collection down to only 2 mugs.  Seriously, why do I have 3 mugs full of pens and pencils?!

2015-04-01 11.11.53

Here’s my “snack & stuff” drawer.  Sadly, another victim of downsizing.  The stuff barely fits!  I need to figure out this arrangement.  Or eat my snacks faster and chew a lot more gum, if that is possible.

2015-04-02 08.14.54

This new space does have some issues with the environment.  It gets a lot of sun when it’s sunny out.  Good for morale, bad for viewing my monitor.  The wall isn’t insulated the greatest either.  It gets warm when there is sun out, and today it was quite chilly.  But overall, I’m happy with this new space!  I just need to do a bit more organizing.

Q: Do you ever use pace calculators?  Do their predictions come true?

Q: Do you chew gum on a regular basis?

A: It’s quite a habit for me.  I have to have at least one stick a day, usually after lunch to give me a fresh feeling.  I also chew it when I’m hungry.

Q: Do you do an annual Spring Cleaning?

A: I try, but sadly I’ve been letting it slide the last few years.

2 thoughts on “8 miles of goodness, and my new space”
  1. I love that you have a snack drawer! It must be so good to finally be moved in to your new space. When I moved out of my last apartment I had a huge bag full of pens and pencils aswell- and they all seemed so necessary, it was so hard to narrow it down!
    I cannot stand even the smell of gum! Weird right? And chewing it always gives me a headache so I never do it. Even thinking about chewing it makes me feel headachey haha. Great job on the tough workout! 🙂
    Jessica @ kiwiyogirunner recently posted…The one with the bestie reunion 3.0My Profile

    1. Hmmm, that is interesting that you get a headache from gum. Maybe it’s your jaw muscles getting tired that causes that pain. I’m kind of obsessed with it – my purse must always have my lip balm and pack of gum in it! Too bad my kids are fans too, because I always have to share 🙂

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