A few more thoughts and pictures of Boston while it’s fresh in my mind…

One of the really cool things is a tent that is set up by some neighbors on the route to the marathon start line.  They have a tent with everything a runner could need.  And I mean everything.  Body Glide, band aids, food, and most important for me – duct tape and a marker!  At the very last minute I requested my husband make me a little name sign for the front of my shirt so I could get a few more cheers along the route.  He did a great job writing this up and people really could read it!  Ironically though, early on there was another Lisa behind us and she had quite the cheering section on the road and signs for her.  I know it wasn’t for me because my jacket was zipped up.  But I pretended it was for me 😉

2015-04-21 09.01.06

As I was looking through my MarathonFotos I found a few good ones.  I think this first one is the best.  It captures how much my husband enjoys running marathons with me.  Just chatting away with me.


This next one is good because I was actually looking in the right direction!  Interesting fact about this rainy race, I did not have one spot of chafing and no blisters on my feet either!  That’s probably a first.


This one is a good one too because it actually looks like I’m running!  Unlike a few of them that look like I was walking, which I did not!  But of course, there were some people who were walking who were just as fast as I was, but that’s not the point 🙂


Along the course I took advantage of the power of the crowd.  I egged them on a few times to get a big roar going, because it’s just fun to have that kind of power!  Then, when I needed more power, I was busy hand slapping the kids along the route.  I do remember actually telling Alan at one point that I needed some power and headed over to the sidelines for a boost.  I love giving hand slaps as a spectator, and I enjoyed getting them even more!  I did feel a tad bad though because the spectators were getting a big hand full of my wet gloves!

Here’s another picture of us pre-race in Athlete’s Village.  Chowing down on some food and trying to keep warm.  We were lucky that one of the earlier wave runners (our friend) left a bag of stuff and we all went through it like it was a big treasure.  I shared a Clif bar with a friend, took the leftover gloves as a 2nd pair to put on top of mine (hey, it was really cold!!), used some Vaseline, and Alan lucked out with the tube sock arm warmers that were in the bag.  We were all very thankful for those items.

2015-04-23 20.54.52

Alan gave me a very pretty birthday gift after the race which I’ll always remember.  (oops, a little blurry)

2015-04-21 09.01.36

The day after the race we packed up and headed to the airport.  But first I insisted that we stop and get that bargain McDonald’s iced coffee treat before heading out to breakfast in Boston.  It was delicious!!

2015-04-21 10.06.33

And before I left the airport I spent my birthday money from my Mom.  I saw this cute bag from the expo that I missed when we were shopping, so I bought one online.

2015-04-25 14.45.15

Here’s your funny for the day: this article about running marathons.  I have to say I agree!  I have committed to the Columbus half marathon in October, but who knows, that might leave time for a Fall marathon…  I do love a summer training session!


Q: Do you like your coffee iced, hot, or no coffee at all?

A: I don’t like regular hot coffee, but the flavored iced kind is my fav!

Q: Do you like to run in the rain?

Q: Do you prefer a Fall or Spring race?

6 thoughts on “And here’s more Boston stuff!….”
  1. I forgot to say..Huge Congratulations on your Boston.!! I read your recap..and somehow got carried away with work or something and never said it. but so so awesome. I’m super jealous of you running Boston. and even more jealous that your husband runs with you. What a great experience that must be.
    I don’t mind running in the rain..it’s a given here, but prefer clear skies. and all coffee is good to me.!! just as long as it’s not black. yeaa can’t do that
    Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA recently posted…Pie in the Sky Dreams..My Profile

    1. Thanks! I’m always afraid I’m going to catch a cold running in the rain! (I’m such a Mom!) Agreed – black coffee. ewwwww

  2. I love seeing all of your pictures from Boston!!! It is the next best thing than being there myself!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! What a great experience! Sounds like the perfect trip!

    WOW!! No blisters or chafing!! That is a feat in itself!!! Crazy how outstanding this is to runners…..LOL…. I always have to vaseline up!! HA! HA!

    What a great support to have your hubby right there with you! That is awesome! My husband does’t run, but he does support my running…..

    I too feed off of spectators! I think that is why I enjoy the BIG races that attract a lot of spectators! The energy you receive from people you don’t even know is amazing!!! And giving high 5s along the way is the best!!!

    Have a great rest of the weekend! Glad you are feeling better!

    1. Alan told me the other day that he’s run 6 of my 8 marathons with me! I wish he would have been with me on one of them – my watch stopped working and there were no spectators OR mile signs on the course. Yep, a very small town marathon. It was a lonely, lonely race. Bad day for my watch to break!

  3. I love all the Boston pictures! Totally living vicariously through you and your Boston experience. I’m so glad it was a wonderful race and birthday, and how great to be able to share it with your husband!

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