“Training” week feels like a stretch, because it’s just a few random miles here and there.  TAPER time!

My schedule this week is…

  • Mon: Rest
  • Tues: 7 miles – dress rehersal, 2 miles at race pace (need to try out my race outfit)
  • Weds: Rest
  • Thurs: 5 easy miles
  • Fri: 4 easy miles
  • Sat: Rest! Arrive in BOSTON!
  • Sun: Rest… or maybe talk Alan into a little run around the town.  I think all the cool people are doing it!
  • Monday…. 26.2 RACE DAY!!  Patriots Day!  My Birthday!!  Take your pick.  The excitement is on today!!

Since it was a rest day, I decided to sneak off to the gym for a little cardio.  By sneak I mean that I cleared it with coach Alan and I had a free lunch hour with nothing to do.  I went to a gym location that I don’t normally go to – so it took a bit of walking around to find the bikes.  As I started biking I realized that this workout wasn’t going so well.  I was sweating profusely!  I don’t know if it was the location of the bikes, or the warm temperatures outside, but it was really freaking hot on the bikes!

2015-04-13 12.45.38

This would not be a problem normally, because I brought along my shower gear and towel, but I had to get dressed back up “professionally” to work at the bank!  After my 30 mins on the bike I dashed through the showers, and blow dried all of the sweat out of my hair, and made it back to work… oh, about 15 mins late.  Ooops.

Good idea, bad execution.  I did get to read a lot of my celebrity gossip mags though – so technically, it was a win in my book 🙂

I saw an inspiration comment from Meb today about the race –

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.03.06 PM

I like your thinking Meb!!  (of course, he did win, so he can say that.  haha)


Q: Do you prefer biking or elliptical for cross training?

A: My foot always falls asleep when I use the elliptical, so I usually stick with the bikes.  And I can read magazines on the bike!

Q: Do you read celebrity gossip magazines?

Q: Do you think Meb is heading for another win again this year??

2 thoughts on “Final training week”
  1. I totally LOVE Meb !!! He always has the best attitude!! Would love to see him win again!!!
    And, YES, what an accomplishment to Boston Qualify!! And, to cross that finish line? Oh yes, what an achievement! You have already won in my book!!! You have to be proud of yourself!!!
    Celebrity gossip magazines? UGH! Shamefully, I have to admit that I tend to keep up with celebrity gossip more than I probably should! WHY? I can not say!
    Have a safe trip to Boston!!! Take lots of pictures to share!!! Can not wait to read your blog afterwards!! 🙂

    1. Meb will be at the expo on Friday, but we don’t arrive until Saturday so we won’t see him there. Bummer! But maybe we’ll catch him around town somewhere!
      I couldn’t tell you anything about world news, because I think that’s mostly depressing stuff, but I’m sure up on my Kardashians! Keep it light 🙂

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