I had an interesting find this week.  I realized that only 5 years ago, in April, I had run my first half marathon.  My first!  Only 5 years ago.  That made me really reflect on my running.  Some background on me – I never participated in sports in school.  In fact, I hyperventilated when we had to run a mile in gym class and it took me 20 minutes to complete it!!  I started going to the gym with my husband when we were first married (22 years ago!), but I was never what I’d consider to really be an athlete.  I would ride the bikes or run a mile or two.  It was just something we did together.

Fast forward to a few years after I had kids.  My husband had already conquered a marathon, but back then one marathon was a big feat for the year.  In 2009 I ran my first 5K.  I was nervous!  I think I finished it in 29 mins, and had to sprint to the end racing some guy.  Pretty funny.  That fall I did a 10K and the next spring I tackled that half marathon.  I finished it in 2:06.  I remember cursing at mile 12 wondering where the finish line was.  I thought I was going to die!!  The following year I decided to take a try at the full marathon.  Finished in 4:14, still cursing and wondering where the finish line was.  (see the trend here??)  But it was the comment from my husband that set the plan in motion… “I bet you could qualify for Boston!”

I can't believe this dude is trying to cross before me!!!
I can’t believe this dude is trying to cross before me!!!
Airing out our armpits at the end!! Whew!!
I was so happy/tired/hungry/exhausted I cried at the end. No really, I *always* cry at the end.

So here I am 5 years and 7 marathons later packing my suitcase to head to BOSTON!!  OMG, right??  I went for a 4 mile run today that was quite splendid.  The weather is awesome, and maybe even “warm” at 62 degrees.  I had one more test of clothes and I think I’ve settled on the “other” tank top with stripes.  I had to test out wearing a hat too because the early forecast has some rain during the marathon (NOOOOOO!).  No point stressing it – just be prepared for it!

2015-04-17 11.18.11 HDR

That might be the tank top I’m wearing to race in.  Or maybe not.  I probably won’t decide until Monday morning! 🙂

On that note, I’m out of here.  I’ll post a few pics while I’m in Boston, so you can enjoy the sights with me.  Have a great Friday night!!


Q: Who is the person that has most influenced your running?

Q: Do you wear a hat when running?

3 thoughts on “Run much?… and packing it up”
  1. Can I just say that you inspire me!!! I have only been running for a little over 2 1/2 years…. started at age 40! Was never a “runner.” I was always physically active as a kid, teenager, and an adult….. but running was something I had never done! When I first started to run, it was a struggle! But, then I ran my first 5k and was hooked!!!
    I can so relate to being emotional….not sure if it is a hormone thing of being in my early 40s or what! But sheesh, the tears always come when I accomplish a half marathon….. and if I ever run a full marathon, oh boy! There won’t be enough tissues! Heck, I get emotional watching marathons on TV. Not sure what it is….. the fact that you see people who accomplish something in life that is so spectacular! The training! The hard work!! The blessing of being able to walk, jog, run! I think it just gets all boiled up and causes the tears to flow! SO, no shame in the tears!
    I LOVE that you are running Boston!! That is so AWESOME!!! You have accomplish a great goal with the BQ alone!! And now, to run Boston? Just a once in a life time event!!!! And, I know you will ROCK it!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

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