I had a good  laugh yesterday at the website how-old.net.  Sadly I wasn’t happy with any of my ages until they started with a “3”.  That’s a bit crazy, but still, I don’t want to be told I only look 2 years younger than I am!!  I thought this was acceptable…

2015-05-04 21.27.06

But I really was liking this one!  haha!  (Remember that one from the group run last week?)

2015-05-04 23.01.56

Now it’s been almost a week since I ran last.  Seems like forever though!  I’m already looking forward to the day I get out and run.  I think I might to give it a try on Friday because the weather should be beautiful!  If not, it could be just a long walk.

I can feel the break helping me already.  I don’t feel any knee pain right now, and my legs aren’t sore.  A few years ago I ran another marathon just 5 weeks after an unsuccessful BQ attempt.  It ended up being an unseasonably hot day, so half way through the race we just accepted the inevitable and walked a lot of the last half.  What was odd about that race was at the end we went to the beer garden… NO, that’s not the weird part… the weird part was after I sat on the ground, with my legs crossed, when I got up, my foot hurt.  It didn’t hurt during the race at all, but I was hobbling back to the car.

It hurt for a few weeks after that and was swollen.  Finally I sucked it up and had the Dr check it out.  Surprisingly it was a stress fracture in my heel!  I spent most of the summer in a boot.  FYI, those boots are sweaty in the summer!!  (tip: we got some awesome parking spots on our trip to Disney thanks to that boot, so it wasn’t all bad!!)

Me and my boot enjoying a camping weekend

As much as it sucked, I came back stronger than ever for the following races.  There is definitely a physical and mental aspect to it.  Giving your body a rest after a race is just as important as the rest days built in to every training plan.  Allowing your muscles to recover lets you give it your all on your next hard effort.

Here’s what Greg McMillian had to say about it…  (article from Runner’s World)

One of the things I’m going to be working on is putting together a photobook about our Boston trip.  I’ve made a couple for my husband on his Boston races, now it’s time for my own!  Hmmm, I think my scale is in agreement with this one…

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 10.28.29 PM

Hopefully I won’t be adding 15 pounds in a week or two, but maybe a couple pounds I’m sure.

Update on the dental surgery… now my bruise is turning yellow!!  Oh my!  The swelling has gone down quite a bit, but still isn’t back to it’s normal size.  And, I’m down to only 1 ibuprofen, instead of 3.  Yahoo!

2015-05-05 19.40.30


Q:  Do you routinely take a break from running after a longer race?

Q:  Are you training for any races right now?

Q:  Do you make photobooks (from Shutterfly, etc), paper scrapbooker, or just leave your pictures all digital on your computer?

A: I love making photobooks, and make several of them a year.


7 thoughts on “Break in training cycles”
  1. Wow recovering from that stress fracture sounds intense! Hope your poor bruise and mouth is feeling better soon! Looks super painful! :s can you eat okay? I had nose surgery last year and it made it very hard to eat! I remember even the wind hurting my nose! (It was an internal surgery not a plastic surgery FYI hahaha).
    I love to make presents for friends of all our photos in a photo album that I’ve decorated inside and out! So fun 🙂
    Jessica @ kiwiyogirunner recently posted…The one with running for the busy beeMy Profile

    1. They only do the gum grafting on one side at a time (if you needed both sides like I did), so you can eat on the other side. But still, the incision on the roof of my mouth is bothersome and that’s the most pain right now, passing food over it. Cold liquids and food are also pretty sensitive too. So my other joy in life, eating, is not so great right now!! bummer

  2. WOW! Stress fracture??! YIKES!!! Glad you came back stronger than ever though!! And so glad you “worked it” with the boot to get benefits at Disney!!! I so too would have taken advantage of that!!! I like the way you see the positive in things!!

    Ahhhh, yes, the yellow discoloration prior to the bruise finally being reabsorbed from the body…. yes, yellow is a weird kind of color, but a “good” color because you are almost back to baseline!!! YAY!!! again, I have to say that you are one tough chick!!!

    LOVE SHUTTERFLY!!!! I use them all the time for EVERYTHING!!!! Unfortunately with my schedule, the only thing I can fit in my schedule is picking out pictures and then letting shutterfly do their thing!!!! No time for scrap booking here.

    Have a great day!!!!!

    1. I can tell you are a nurse – “baseline”, not “normal”. 🙂 But yet, good indeed! Much less yellow this morning.
      I don’t do paper scrapbooking much at all, but I do create a lot of books and used to take classes in digital scrapbooking. I loved the cool things I made with digital scrapbooking, but haven’t done much of it in a while. I really need to get back into that!
      Yes – the got the BEST parking spots in Florida on that trip. Just steps away from the front gates at parks. Score!!

      1. Ha! HA! yes, I guess my medical lingo gave my profession away… LOL! But so glad to hear the bruising is resolving!!!

  3. That’s interesting that you say you came back better after your boot incident, because when I got injured earlier this year, after I came back, I felt way better and faster.! I guess even unwanted rest sometimes can be good. and our bodies appreciate it 🙂
    after this summer I want to take a week or two break from running. I’m one of those people who can get burnt out easily, so I know I have to schedule rest..or I just wont do it. lol
    and photobooks are awesome, that’s a great idea for your boston experience.! I made a scrapbook for my daughter 🙂 (still not done though, oops)

    1. I haven’t quite finished the baby books. Forgot to put in when they lost their teeth, etc. 10 years later… Not sure when those will get done!

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