Sometimes it just feels like life is an ocean and the waves are lapping over you, right?  Oh, or is that just me 🙂  With the blur of the garage sale over, now it’s time to clean up the aftermath.  Clean the house, which hasn’t been cleaned forever due to energy spent on sale, mouth, and sickness.  Box up the leftovers – keep or donate?  Pack away the signs, tables, markers, tape and everything else that migrated to my garage!  The good part is that this will all be taken care of in the next few days if I put my mind to it.

Fun thing that happened this weekend… my daughter is practically a woman now…. we taught her how to mow the yard!!  She was actually quite interested in learning after she realized that her brother is too little to do it.  Sibling rivalry at it’s best.  She declared it was “really hard”, but she did finish the front yard – despite the super humid weather and warm temps.  Her face was red for hours afterwards!!

2015-05-17 18.10.36 HDR

That humidity was a killer Sunday morning on my run.  I ran 6 miles around the hood.  I was shocked how easy I did my first 6 miler Saturday, thinking I would be exhausted after 1 mile, and shocked today on how hard this run was!!  I was sore and the humidity was dragging me down.  Around 3 miles it turned into “oh, I’ll just walk a little until I get to the next driveway”.  That happened more than once this morning!  Still, it was good to be outside and running.

2015-05-17 08.04.48 HDR
Resting after my very exhausting run!!

Slightly bad news – mouth is feeling almost all better, but part of my graft fell off 🙁  Now I’ve got a spot that is looking quite naked.  Uh oh.  It doesn’t hurt, but it sure isn’t pretty.  I’m going to the Dr. tomorrow to get it checked out and see what needs to be done about it, if anything.  I honestly don’t know what they do about that.  But I know for sure I really don’t want them digging in my mouth for more “donor” tissue again!  Owwwwww!  I’m hoping they have some “press-on gums” that they can apply to it for a touch up.  LOL!

I took a day off from running today because I’m really feeling it from the big 2 days of running this past week.  Most noticeable is the soreness in my calves.  Sore calves are one of the “side effects” of transitioning into Newton shoes.

2015-05-18 09.26.34

From Newton’s website here.

I really didn’t think 2 weeks off running would affect my calves that much, but I was running a lot more in my Asics Nimbus shoes for Boston training, so I guess that’s why.

2015-05-18 06.41.00

I am loving the mirrors located in the “workout room” now.  I’m so happy I found them!!  I got up early and did a little bit of weights this morning.  My old Asics shoes were so excited to be getting out of my closet!  (what, your shoes don’t get excited to workout??)  They are GT-2150’s, which are as old as dirt and felt like bricks on my feet.  It’s no wonder they don’t get to run with me anymore!

2015-05-18 06.12.50
It’s a work in process!


Q: Mowing the grass – child labor, or paid help?

We are debating if the kids should get paid to mow the grass.  I don’t remember getting paid when I was a kid!

Q: Do you prefer the cold winter runs (sub freezing!) or humid summer runs?


3 thoughts on “Keeping my head above the waves”
  1. I am ashamed to say I never learned how to mow the lawn…hey in NZ we have sheep for that 😉 your neighborhood looks GORGEOUS! I did do lots of other chores thought that I sure didn’t get paid for haha. Good times 🙂
    Eek hope your mouth is okay! And ahhh my calves are soooo sore right now too. That tabata workout destroyed them!
    So jealous of your home gym too. Me and my bestie have about a meter squared to work out in our room, some of our yoga poses get a tad compromised to say the least haha
    Jessica @ kiwiyogirunner recently posted…The one with what style of yoga is best for YOUMy Profile

    1. Too funny about the sheep! 🙂 Despite it’s rough appearance, our workout space is quite functional so I am spoiled. And the basement temperature is always cool so that’s really nice.

  2. Sydney asked me this morning about getting paid for the grass. I told her that we would give her as much as I got paid to do it. She didn’t like that answer.

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