Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!  We went to visit my Mom, and take her some flowers,  and also decided to bring brunch along.  We ate most of everything before I remembered to take a picture, but I did catch one piece of quiche.  The cinnamon streusel muffins were gone way too fast for photos.

2015-05-09 10.14.35

While at my Mom and Dad’s house the kids were being kids and having a great time playing with a box.  They crack me up!!

2015-05-09 10.14.41

Then they had to try out the new kitty “play area” which will taken on camping trips with my parents.  The cat was less than happy to play with the kids, but they had a good time playing with her stuff instead.  My parents just bought a new RV so I’m sure they will be enjoying that a lot in the near future.

2015-05-09 11.31.34

And finally, a selfie with Mom!

2015-05-09 11.37.45

My mouth is feeling “eh” again today.  Only 1 sharp pain issue, so I guess that is an improvement, albeit a little improvement.  Fingers crossed for better feeling on Sunday!  Also hoping my husband is feeling better.  He came down with a sinus infection/cold of some sort and had to cancel his big run that he’d been planning today.  He was going to do his longest run for his training plan, a 50 mile run at the park near us.  As you can imagine, it was going to take a long time.  That will have to wait until next weekend when he’s feeling much better.

I hope everyone is having a great Mother’s Day, and all of you Mom’s out there are taking it easy 🙂


Q: Do you go camping?

Q:  Do you live close to your parents?

We live 30 mins away from my parents.

Q: What’s on your Mother’s Day agenda?


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day brunch”
  1. The mother’s day brunch looked absolutely delicious!!!

    Kids and boxes!!! You can buy them expensive things, but man, do they seem to have the most fun with something as simple as a box!! LOL!!! 🙂

    🙁 sorry your mouth is still bothering you a bit…. i sure hope it gets back to “normal” soon!!!

    Sinus infections are the worse! Especially when running! Hope your hubby feels better soon too!!!

    Happy Mother’s DAY!!!!!!!! Have a great week!

    1. I know, it’s been a pretty low key weekend with the sickness & recovery! Still, better than that stomach flu a few weeks ago!! 😉
      Hope you had a great Mother’s Day too!

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