I made it through my first “trial” week of marathon training.  Last week I ran 32.5 miles with a long run of 14 miles (broken up, not consecutive).  Sunday and Monday I ran outside and those were tough runs for me!!  It was humid and I was dragging.  I had an 8 miler one day and I was ready to turn back at mile 2!  No pain, just feeling like a slug.  My speed wouldn’t have bothered me if I was running with someone, or trying to keep it slower, but when it just happens that way, it’s a bit frustrating!!

Is it almost over??

Tuesday I ran 8 miles early on my treadmill, and it was a whole different game.  I was feeling much speedier, without that humidity involved.  So, I’m considering the week of training a WIN!

But on other fronts, I swear I have been cursed.  It’s been a multitude of little things lately (and one huge mouth thing!).  Today it’s the curse of poison ivy!  I’m not certain, but based on my allergy to it, and the amount of weeds and crap I was in this past weekend with the lawn care, I’d put my money on it.  It’s a nice big rash on my neck and some on each arm.  UGH.  Still, all minor issues in the grand scheme of life!  [Unless you have to go to work with a bunch of big red bumps on your arms and neck. NBD.]

While I was out pulling weeds and such, we also planted some flowers.  I let the kids pick their own combinations for 2 of the pots, so we’ll see what we end up when they fill in!  Could be tall flowers, could be small… it’s just hard to tell (unless you read the tags I guess.  haha!).

2015-05-24 15.10.31

This past weekend I also enjoyed a big plate of waffles – for dinner…

2015-05-24 19.04.53

And chillaxed with this sock monkey dude that Sydney made.

2015-05-24 21.52.04

Saw “Home” and got excited about the new Minion movie coming out soon!

2015-05-25 15.11.54

Also transported a basketball hoop to our house.  Bought it from a neighbor a few weeks ago and finally got it back to our house.  I’m looking forward to playing some basketball with the family!!

2015-05-25 19.12.16


2015-05-25 19.37.55


Did you see all of those grasses beyond the fence… yep, that’s what I chopped down this weekend.  What a task!


Q: Are you allergic poison ivy?

I’ve heard that some people are not allergic.  Who are these lucky people?

Q: Do you have breakfast for dinner at your house?

We don’t, but it was fun so maybe we should do it more often!




3 thoughts on “Running stuffs”
  1. breakfast for dinner is always a good thing! We love that!!! If we ever go to crackle barrel at dinner time, I always get breakfast!!! Always!

    ugh! poison ivy is no fun!!! simply aggravating! Especially if you are allergic! Important to wash off after being outside to get oils off you, otherwise each place you rub on your body it gets on. Once washed off, can’t spread 🙂

    1. No fun at all!! I’ve got a social occasion to go to next weekend and my neck looks terrible. Hoping it goes away soon!

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