As I’m typing this, it’s 3:00 am.  I am not a night owl by any means, so to be up this late means something has gone wrong in my day.  I had gum surgery today, and although it turned out fine so far, any time the pain meds wear off I am feeling the pain.  Big time.  I couldn’t even keep my eyes open around 10:30 last night when I went to bed, but I woke up at 1:00am feeling like a brick had hit me in the face.  Knowing I could not take any more ibuprofen, I searched out some Tylenol.  Luckily I found some, and trying to read the tiny print on the bottle by the dimmed shower light was my next challenge.  Mission accomplished and, combined with an ice pack on my face, I finally got some relief.  However, that was 2 hours ago and I still can’t get back to sleep.

So I’m taking to my blog to clear up my mind and maybe, just maybe, I can fall back to sleep.

I was happy that I was feeling good enough to attend the Family Fun night at my son’s school.  Since he’s a 4th grader, this will be his last year at the school and I’m trying to make sure I get to all of the events.

2015-05-01 19.19.17

They had fun carnival games inside, and bunch of inflatables outside.  A good time was had by all!

I wanted to give one last focus on my Boston race.  Looking at things I did well and what I could do to improve my performance next time.


Things that went well:

1) Fueling!  This was by far the best thing that happened during this race.  I was so concerned with the race starting late and that I would end up really hungry while I was running.  In fact, this was not an issue at all!  I ate quite a bit of food prior to the race (bananas, oatmeal, bagels, granola bar).  During the race I had 4 GUs.  I think I took them at miles 6, 12, 17 and 21.  Even though I wasn’t hungry, I took them anyways.  That’s the key, fuel BEFORE you are hungry!  I think this is the first race when I didn’t cross the finish line with a growling stomach.  Another thing that I did was to turn off the “clock” screen on my Garmin.  I didn’t need to know, or obsess, that it was 1pm and I was still running!


2) Race outfit – I’m not talking about the fashion level of my outfit, although you have to admit, that open area in the back of the shirt is pretty cool!  I’m talking about the functionality of the clothes.  Everything was comfortable, and kept me warm enough in the weather conditions.  If I had access to all of my clothes before the race I still don’t think I would have picked something else out because what I had on really worked.  I think I would have been way too warm in some sort of rainproof jacket.  And those capris – I had only wore them one time prior to the race, so kudos to C9 for making such an awesome, affordable,  and functional piece of workout gear!  This is the pair I got:  C9 Running Knee Legging  They are actually quite light weight and I think will be good in warm weather too.


3) Attitude –  I think I did a pretty good job at keeping a positive attitude during the race despite the crappy weather.  I didn’t run the race in the time I had hoped for.  That is always a bummer when you have a vision of what race day is going to be, but then starts to take a turn for the worse.  I really thought a sub 4 hrs would be easy to do, given my past races that came in at 4 hours.  Even half way through the race I was thinking I might BQ or even PR!  But, when the course got really challenging, I just focused on enjoying the crowds and appreciating that this race was the end result of my hard work, not a showcase of my abilities.  I’m proud of my effort, and for pushing through it when it got tough.

Some things to work on…

1) Smarter pacing?  Well, this is a tough one.  I’m not quite sure if I need to change my plan.  I know I was supposed to “hold back” on the first part of the course, but honestly, I’m not much of an “end game” kind of marathoner, so whenI hit the 18 mile mark, chances are I wouldn’t have felt “energized” unless I had been walking the earlier part of the course!  No way I’m going sub 4 hours with that much walking involved!

2) Strength Training – Yes indeed.  I can definitely improve in this area.  I could barely move my legs at the end of this race and I think doing more leg exercises (hip flexor strength) could have helped me out.  Also, focus on strong glutes/hips.

3) More hill training – Now I know what to expect from Boston.  Those hills are killer!  I’m sure anyone’s running could improve from more hill training.  Mine especially!


Q:  Are you a good sleeper?

Q:  Night owl or early bird?

Q:  Favorite pre-race foods?

11 thoughts on “Sleep… where are you? and some final Boston thoughts”
  1. Thanks! Fingers crossed I will have a restful night and no more pondering races for awhile 🙂

  2. Sleep? That is one thing I never have a problem with! I head hits the pillow and I am out!!!! My husband is the opposite and has insomnia most nights! He gets really jealous of me sleeping…. LOL

    Early bird for sure!!! Early to bed and early to rise!!!! Always been like that!!!

    Fueling? I need to learn a great deal in the area!!! I do great at the moment, however, the farthest that I have ran is 13.1 (HM). So, I don’t think it is so complexed to fuel for as a FULL marathon would be. Secretly, I really hope to run my first marathon in March 2016. I am planning that, but keeping it hush! hush! at the moment!

    Side note: I think you did an awesome job at Boston!!!!

    Hope the recovery from your gum surgery is speedy!!!! any dental procedures are no fun! Take care!!! Have a great evening…. hope you get some rest tonight

    1. That’s exciting – your secret is safe with me! 😉
      I’m like you, out cold by the time I’m in bed for a few minutes. I think I will be sleeping soundly tonight!

  3. I get light headed when my blood sugar drops a little, so I GU more than others during races. I try to take a GU ever 3-4 miles, BUT with my speed that works out to 35ish minutes, it may not sound so bad I guess when I say that.

    I generally sleep pretty well, but I also take a muscle relaxer at night because I grind my teeth off. I chipped off a veneer in 2000 when I was sleeping and I’ve slept with a night guard since then. So, my jaw hs given me issues lately, and my years and years of grinding has torn ligaments and worn bone. OMG, right? So, that was the semi-long answer, I sleep well because I drug myself to not chew my own teeth off. Haha. I would actually get headaches all day every day from the grinding, meds are amazing.

    Morning of the race? I prefer an english muffin with Justin’s maple almond butter with some banana sliced on it. MMMMMmmmmmm.

    And I generally go to sleep around 10:30, sometimes 11. I am so tired at night. I’m not so good at 3 a.m.

    I hope your mouth is better soon! I love my dentist, so I almost don’t mind getting stuff done, crazy, right?
    Amanda @ There Are Two Sides recently posted…Glass City Marathon 5k Race ReviewMy Profile

    1. I know, my dentist is really good too. I remember back when I was a kid how terrifying it was to get a filling because they hurt so bad. The dental field has really improved a lot!!! I also wear a night guard, for teeth grinding, which is one of the reasons suspected for my gums receding – which will be improved from this surgery I had. I have not peeked at my “new gums” yet, but it feels like a gummy worm when I put my tongue on it!
      I used to think GU bothered my stomach, but after I found Salted Caramel flavor I’ve had no issues. I love them! Ironically I avoid eating caramel in it’s candy form because it makes me choke and I can’t breath! Yes, I have issues. haha

  4. And you thought I was mean making you do a dedicated hill workout routine each week. Boston hills are rough when you are used to running in a pancake flat area like here!

  5. I love what you said about your attitude! That is such a big deal especially doing a huge race like boston!
    Hope your mouth is feeling better soon!! 🙂 I’m definitely an early bird but when I get stressed I wake up at all hours of the night and usually just keep cranking out essays haha. My motto is if I’m up, I can be working on my uni stuff! Glad the trimester is over now 🙂
    Jessica @ kiwiyogirunner recently posted…The one with Love LanguagesMy Profile

    1. That is awesome you get a break in your schooling for a bit! Enjoy!
      20 more days of school left for my kids. Countdown is on!!

  6. Can I say how cool your count down clock is?!?!?!!!!! I love that!!! would you mind if I stole that idea for my blog? I think it is super neat!!!

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