While I’m still mourning gum chewing, Raisin Bran Crunch, milk, any cold liquids, running, exercise of any type and MUCH MUCH more, I’ll tell you about someone who actually is running… it’s my daughter!


Today was Track and Field day at her school.  She was signed up for several events – discus throw, 1600 m track and jump rope.  Initially I was not allowed to attend because 1) she’s a tween and there are days like that, and 2) she told me she “sucks” as discus throw.  But hey, I’m a mom and I’m going to go if she likes it or not 🙂

She did finally agree that it would be OK if I came so I didn’t have to hide out in a trench coat and sunglasses the whole time.  Here she is hanging with her friends prior to the discus throw.


I’ve never seen anyone throw a discus in real life, so I was impressed with it all.  There were some boys that had the technique down and could really throw that thing.  I’m not even sure how Sydney did, but I’m sure it wasn’t sucky.


I did get to catch a glimpse of her hanging out with her friends while I was being a cool mom and keeping my distance.


Soon, it was time for the runners to line up for the 1600m event.  Not surprising, the number of kids participating decreased as the distance increased.  There were a ton of kids running the 100m dash!  Other distances were 200m, 400m and 800m.  When the 1600m was called a boy behind me said “This is going to take forever.  Why would anyone want to run that far?”.  I had to chuckle at that comment.  Kid, you have no idea what “far” is!


She did a great job with pacing herself and a few of the runners dropped far behind.  She ended up in 2nd place overall for the girls, and was quite happy with her results – 7:48.  Me too!!!!  #proudMama



Q:  Have you ever ran track before?

Not me, I was the farthest thing from a track star back in school.

Q: Did your school have Track & Field day?

I remember doing the three legged dash, and the sack race, but that was for our senior year – “Senior Olympics”.  If we did, I must have erased it from my memory!!

Q: Have you ever thrown a discus??

8 thoughts on “Track & Field day”
  1. awe I love this post in soo many ways.!! It brings back all of these amazing memories I have from when I was in middle school and ran track. 🙂 I was one of the “crazy” kids who did the 1500 (what we had) 800 and 4×400 race at every track meet. I already knew than that I loved running.!
    Your daughter did awesome.!! clearly she takes after her mom 😉 I secretly hope my daughter will want to run track also.! eek I’ll die from excitement.
    Throwing a discus is serious stuff,!! it’s actually really hard to do
    Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA recently posted…Confession.My Profile

    1. I was hoping my daughter would be interested in track next year, but it looks like it’s an everyday commitment after school, and unfortunately she already gets stressed about her grades (way more than a 6th grader should!), so I think that would really put the squeeze on her free time. But we’ll see!
      That’s cool that you liked track so much!!

  2. Looks like you have another runner in the family!!!!! How awesome is that?!!! Of course she gets it honest with mom and dad running too!!!! What an awesome pace!!!!! I know you were proud!!!! Congrats to her!!! WOOHOO!!

    The discus is always an amazing event to me!!!!! I tried once goofing off in high school…. it is actually hard! Or the simple fact that I sucked! LOL!

    1. There was one girl who cleared 4 foot something (that’s pretty precise eh?) on the high jump. I was pretty impressed with that!

  3. Are your daughter is still not interested in track? I think she concentrates on her study. If so please let him time more. Your daughter looks like a good runner and I believed she is bright your personality. Best of luck for your daughter and your whole family.

    1. She actually does like track now – but likes cross country better! Not sure why (friends involved, time commitment, distance) but either way I’m happy that she participates in both!

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