Did you get to run a few miles today for National Running Day?  The Willfords did!  We ran a 5K with the Toledo Roadrunners club.  It was a fun run and everyone did great!  We got car magnets too.

2015-06-03 19.17.39


Hanging out before the race.  That’s the Toledo downtown skyline in the background!  We don’t go downtown that often, and have never run in that area before, so it was a special night for us.

2015-06-03 18.30.39

Alan and I paired up with the kids.  I got to run with Zachary at this race.  Sadly we had to make one pit stop (in the bushes of course, because Zachary is a seasoned runner now…), so we lost a little bit of time – but otherwise we would have stayed right up with Alan and Sydney.  They finished about a minute before we did.  Unofficial time for Zachary and me was 29:12 on my watch.  We waited we hit 3 miles and then sprinted in.  He beat me and I had a 7:31 pace!  It was a close finish by just an elbow.  He’s one speedy sprinter!2015-06-03 21.53.41

Here are Sydney and Alan discussing their finish line strategy.  Sydney actually decided not to sprint ahead of Alan and they crossed the finish line holding hands.  Awwww 🙂

2015-06-03 21.54.36

Finally, an update on that rash of mine.  I went to the Dr. on Tuesday and he determined it was all poison ivy rash.  He gave me a shot of steroids and also a 3 day prescription for steroid pills too.  The next day the bumps on my neck had actually gone done.  This is what they looked like last Weds…  they are just raised spots, not full of fluid like the poison ivy on my arms.

2015-05-28 20.26.45

So now I have advanced to a bunch of healing red spots.  I know this is a scary picture, but it’s good to record these memories so I can look back one day and cringe!!  I have mostly stopped putting drying lotion on the spots and have using an essential oils mixture that BRF Jennifer gave me.  It smells so yummy and is keeping my skin soft so it heals up faster.

2015-06-03 22.22.36

Hopefully there will be no more need to post such yucky pictures on my blog!!  So the lesson I have learned from this – I need to have someone else work on my yard!!  And poison ivy is evil.  But one plus – the Dr. thought the steroid shot might help the “pinch” I still feel in my knee occasionally.  That would be the silver lining I am hoping for 🙂


Q: Did you get to run today?

Q: Do you visit the downtown area of your closest city very often?

We also ran past a bunch of restaurants “on the docks” by the river.  Oh yum, we need to go out to dinner there soon!

Q: Have you ever had a steroid or cortisone shot for an injury?  Did it work well for you?



4 thoughts on “Happy National Running Day!”
    1. The poison ivy really sucks. But it is getting better, believe it or not! Some of my coworkers saw it for the first time today and were really surprised.
      My Dr said he is not allergic to poison ivy. No fair!

  1. Love that your local running club celebrated National running day! So cool! So fun!!!! Love that you pair up with your kids! Isn’t it fantastic to share your love for running with them?!?

    Yikes, you have a bad case of poison ivy!!!! Hope it clears soon!!!!

    Steroid injections? Actually, they can be quite beneficial! And sometimes long lasting. Definitely worth a try if your doctor recommends!

    1. We always joke that you get to run with the kid with bathrooom issues while running (my son) or the complainer (my daughter)! Pretty funny. But still, they always love to sign up for the races and I’m glad they do. Very proud of them!
      I don’t think the poison ivy will be all cleared up by Saturday like I’d hoped, but I’ve been seeing improvements!

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