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I will have a recap of my husband’s 100 Mile race very soon… just letting the curiosity grow a little! 😉

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I have a few exciting things to declare today.

Poison Ivy Rash…. no longer the bane of my existence!  Sure enough, a good 3 to 4 weeks later, the rash has cleared up.  I do have some phantom itches going on, but there really isn’t anything there.  Other than some scars where the rash was.  Boo on you rash!!  Lesson learned? Avoid yard work at all costs.

Perhaps someday I will remember this….  (taken from here)


PF, tendonitis, aka: mysterious foot pain.… also gone!!  Not sure what the heck was going on with that, but I hope it is gone for good.  I spent the past weekend still hobbling around feeling like someone smacked my feet (and wearing flip flops wasn’t the greatest for it) and then today it feels all better.  Lesson learned?  I need to control my speed better at 5K races because I am just too much of a powerhouse for my own good.  hahaha  Or maybe watch out which shoes I race in.

Here’s what wasn’t exciting today – my 10 mile “speedwork” on the training calendar.  Monday’s 9 mile run was cut down to only 5 miles because 1) I didn’t feel like waking up super early 2) I thought I should take it easy on the recovering feet.

Today’s run was 10 miles with 5 miles at HMP (half marathon pace).  I looked at the weather this morning and it was 73 degrees, with 83% humidity. I knew I didn’t want another failed pace run, but I really wanted to run outside.  So I decided I would just run the first 5 miles outside at an easy pace (given the humidity, it wouldn’t be hard to!).  Then for the speedier 5 miles, I hit my treadmill.

The plan went well.  I was excited to get outside even though I knew it was going to be tough.  What I didn’t expect to be even tougher was the 5 pace miles on the treadmill!  I  won’t lie – the treadmill was the only one who actually “ran” all of those 5 miles.  I took way too many water sip breaks and just plain old panting, resting on the rails.  Shame on me.


But on days like today, I just was happy to have gotten all of the miles done.  Eh, another day I’ll get those speedier miles in.  That, and now I only had 30 mins to get ready for work.  And somewhere along the way I decided I should wash my hair, since I am going out for drinks with friends tonight, and I blow dried/flat ironed it in a record 15 mins!

Funny thing is, no matter how “put together” and “composed” I think I look, I have a reality check when I get to work and my co-worker asks me if I went tanning last night.  Ummm, guess I hadn’t completely cooled down by the time I got to my desk! 😉  To make matters worse I stayed up way too late last night and was fighting to stay awake at my desk by 9:00 am.   Drinking lots of water and needing to make trips to the restroom was the only thing that saved me.


Good thing my office is only 10 mins away.  Well, technically I could make it in 7 mins if you don’t consider 8:32 late!!  8:30.  8:32.  It’s all good!

I hope to get the race info published soon.  It was quite a weekend!!


Q:  How many hours of sleep is most productive for you?

7 hours is a pretty good amount for me.  Never more than 8, or I feel “overslept”!

Q:  Is washing your hair a process for you?  How long does it take to do your hair?

I love my long hair, but dread any day that I have to wash and style it.  20 mins usually.

Q: How long is your commute to work?


6 thoughts on “Lessons learned and napping at my desk”
  1. Ahhh I have poison ivy growing in my yard – you totally confirmed it with that picture! Last year, I was weeding and I got COVERED in it and ran a marathon PR a few days after developing the rash. Ha ha. It’s so itchy and awful!! I’m a 7 hour a night sleeper. I can get ready for work with washing my hair in 15-20 minutes, but I don’t flat iron it. I have pretty long hair, so I just give it a quick blow dry and whatever it looks like, it looks like. I think I walk around looking pretty disheveled most of the time, ha!
    Allison recently posted…Race Review: Grandma’s Marathon (Minnesota)My Profile

    1. I’ve found if I spend the extra 5 mins to flat iron my hair will be good to go for the next day or two, so it’s worth it for me. And some days it looks even better with a bunch of blow dried sweat in it! Odd but true 🙂 Kinda like a texturing product I guess!
      I did a spot check in my yard and found at least 2 plants beyond our fence, but in the woods behind my house. I’ll be making sure my husband sprays them dead!! Maybe you were trying to outrun the itch and got that PR!! My rash always felt even worse when it got aggravated (hot and sweaty from running).

  2. haha. your morning perfectly described my morning.! I always am in a hurry to get ready because I went on a longerish run. (today) and than when I get into work my hair is still all wet. lol
    I have really long hair (down to my butt) and it’s curly, so I can’t blow dry it without it becoming a big puffy mess. and I have to wash it everyday.!! man it takes a lot of taking care of. augh. the struggle is real
    SO glad your foot isn’t hurting.!! yay. back to running for you girl 🙂
    Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA recently posted…Training Plans.!! and so annoying.! aughMy Profile

  3. So excited to hear about that 100miler!
    Hey at least you didn’t fake tan your hands before work, you are still winning compared to me 😉 my co workers always ask me if I have been running cos I am always super pink, darn fair skin 😉
    My commute to work takes under half an hour which is awesome! 10mins is even better though!
    My hair takes forever to dry especially in winter, and I don’t like to blow dry it cos it tends to expand a freaky amount so I have to be careful about the timing of when I wash it! You have such gorgeous blonde hair, and it always looks so nicely put together in your photos! 🙂
    Jessica @ kiwiyogirunner recently posted…The one with the new love of my lifeMy Profile

    1. Well, at least they acknowledge your running! I think that’s pretty cool.
      Thanks, I do a decent job of filtering out the bad hair pictures. haha!

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